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Store front
Store front

Fish and chips is a rather simple dish that’s pretty hard to screw up badly isn’t it? Somehow the people at Fin Seafood Cafe still managed to do just that. You can hardly taste the fish at all as the fish meat seems to be mixed with thick layers of flour and oil.

Fish and Chips - or rather, Flour and Chips
Fish and Chips – or rather, Flour and Chips
Calamari and Chips
Calamari and Chips

No doubt the price is reasonable, with main courses going for around S$10+ per pax, but the food sucks and the service is appalling. The waitress there do not seem to understand English at all and we had a hard time ordering. Rachel also caught two of the kitchen staff playing with the live lobsters, using a small knife to provoke and stab them for fun.

Poster to illustrate the state of the restaurant?
Poster to illustrate the state of the restaurant?

I had a blast reading through the many horrible reviews for the restaurant on The overall impression I get is that it used to be a good restaurant with great value, but had deteriorated tremendously in terms of food quality and service over time.

I think it’s a matter of time before they will have to close down. Seriously. Rachel and I dined there on a weekend night and the place was practically empty. Rather unusual for a restaurant located in Marina Square isn’t it?

In case you are keen to find out how bad it is, here’s the detailed info on the restaurant:

6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-226A/B Marina Square

Tel: 6338 2207
Operating Hours: Daily, 11am – 10.30pm

If you were to ask me, I will advise you to settle for Long John Silver if you want cheap seafood since everything on Fin’s menu are fried anyway. You will probably also get better service at Long John Silver. 🙂

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