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Beyond Sintercom: Not My SDP, The Online Citizen, The Wayang Party Club

Not My SDP
Not My SDP

I came across this rather interesting blog called “Not my SDP” which sole purpose seems to be a smear campaign against the current Singapore Democratic Party, lead by their controversial leader, Dr. Chee Soon Juan. Not that the SDP or Dr. Chee himself are afraid of drawing fire, judging by the way they take on the incumbent ruling party in Singapore. In fact, the SDP website can be even aptly described as a “Not my PAP” website itself. 🙂

There’s a proliferation of blogs and websites like these with keen interest in Singapore’s social and political scenes in recent years. Especially so, from the times of the last General Elections in 2006. The Online Citizen and The Wayang Party Club are another two such examples.

The Online Citizen
The Online Citizen

The Wayang Party Club
The Wayang Party Club

Any one still remember the old Sintercom? it was just eight years ago in 2001 that the owner of Sintercom, Dr Tan Chong Kee chose to close down the site after he received a letter from the Singapore Broadcasting Authority asking him to register Sintercom under the ‘Singapore Broadcasting Authority (Class License) Notification 1996′.

If it is a sign of things to come, political discourse in Singapore does indeed, seems to be liberalising to suit the footsteps of the Internet. 🙂

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