ACJC Principal, Kelyvna Chan

ACJC Principal, Kelyvna Chan (picture via Blue Skies Communications)

Via STOMP. The principal from Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Mrs Kelvyna Chan, has given her official comment on the ragging incident whereby an ACJC girl was tied up and tortured by her friends to “celebrate” her birthday. You can read the full reply below:

ACJC says it has counselled the students who tied up one of their peers to a chin-up bar in their birthday celebration and says it has advised them to celebrate in other ways.

This response comes in the wake of a STOMP posting where STOMPer outraged expressed disgust at the way the birthday girl was treated as she was filmed tied up and roughed up in her birthday celebrations.

Tied-up and tortured

Tied-up and tortured

In her response to STOMP, the principal, Mrs Kelvyna Chan of ACJC says:

“The College is aware of the incident which was a birthday celebration of a student who was popular with her peers.

“We understand that the student was prepared for the celebration, and that there was no malice nor bullying involved.

“When a teacher saw the celebration, he immediately stopped it and counselled the students.

“The birthday girl also assured the teacher that she was not hurt physically nor emotionally.

“Some weeks after the event, a teacher again enquired about the girl’s wellbeing, and she assured the teacher and the College that the celebrations were all done in good fun and she was well.

“Although the activity was done in good humour, the college has counselled the students involved on the possible hazards of such activities and that there are more appropriate ways to show friendship among their peers.”

Case closed. The school thinks counseling is the appropriate action and the victim herself also do not want to pursue any further actions. Why should the rest of us carry on chirping about it? Let’s move on. 🙂

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