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ACJC Principal, Mrs Kelvyna Chan’s reply on ragging incident

ACJC Principal, Kelyvna Chan
ACJC Principal, Kelyvna Chan (picture via Blue Skies Communications)

Via STOMP. The principal from Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Mrs Kelvyna Chan, has given her official comment on the ragging incident whereby an ACJC girl was tied up and tortured by her friends to “celebrate” her birthday. You can read the full reply below:

ACJC says it has counselled the students who tied up one of their peers to a chin-up bar in their birthday celebration and says it has advised them to celebrate in other ways.

This response comes in the wake of a STOMP posting where STOMPer outraged expressed disgust at the way the birthday girl was treated as she was filmed tied up and roughed up in her birthday celebrations.

Tied-up and tortured
Tied-up and tortured

In her response to STOMP, the principal, Mrs Kelvyna Chan of ACJC says:

“The College is aware of the incident which was a birthday celebration of a student who was popular with her peers.

“We understand that the student was prepared for the celebration, and that there was no malice nor bullying involved.

“When a teacher saw the celebration, he immediately stopped it and counselled the students.

“The birthday girl also assured the teacher that she was not hurt physically nor emotionally.

“Some weeks after the event, a teacher again enquired about the girl’s wellbeing, and she assured the teacher and the College that the celebrations were all done in good fun and she was well.

“Although the activity was done in good humour, the college has counselled the students involved on the possible hazards of such activities and that there are more appropriate ways to show friendship among their peers.”

Case closed. The school thinks counseling is the appropriate action and the victim herself also do not want to pursue any further actions. Why should the rest of us carry on chirping about it? Let’s move on. 🙂

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  1. She still look like a victim to me lei… don’t lah. Sometime it could be peer pressure. If it was your friends who did this to you, would come out and blow whistle at them even if you were uncomfortable?

  2. Friends dun do such cruel things to u. Since all evidence point to the fact that the girl and the saboteurs are good friends, the prank was probably harmless fun. I agree with those who say that pple who were not present at the celebration would not be in a position to tell what actually transpired. Apparently, there were teacher(s) present. While it is possible that the students may not know what they were doing, I dun believe our teachers would be so cock up as to not be able to tell whether the episode was harmful to the girl in the slightest way. The fact that a teacher saw fit to only chide the students for messing up the place i think says it all.

    Quik share!

  3. Maybe it’s like BDSM in more ways than one – they look unwilling and in pain but are actually enjoying it, so you need a safe word.

    Or it’s Stockholm Syndrome and they enjoy their suffering hurr hurr.

    Aiyah either way there’s something really wrong with this school

  4. In AC, this is considered a normal birthday celebration for the popular kids. The non-popular wallflowers don’t get this treatment actually LOL. Guys are thrown in big green sewage bins, girls get smashed cake. It’s just part of the culture here. Really don’t see the big hoo-ha about it honestly.

  5. in all seriousness, birthday bashes are meant to be fun for both the birthday person and also others. the question the principal has to ask herself is “if it was my daughter in that position, would i stand there, laugh and cheer it on?”
    Many of them claim is was all in the name of good fun. well, if thats so fun, would you like to have the same fate?

  6. The students who bullied the girl have sadistic streaks in them ! Who with a right sense of mind would enjoy seeing your friend helpless & in pain ! And worse thing is the principal herself, why did she not met out punishment to the school bullies ? Maye she herself enjoyed the video !

  7. people seem to “in the light of this incident” conveniently forget the ragging that goes on in other schools. its not like ours is the only one where this occurs anyway. there are other schools, some viewed as even more “prestigious” than ours, one of which is situated in bishan, which flag guys, “tau poks” guys? and if you don’t know what that means, it entails ramming the guys legs spread open into flag poles and squashing the birthday boy (sometimes girl) under a pile of human bodies.

    this is not the first time ragging has happened and no matter what anyone says it will not be the last. to all those who have helped in the teasing of a friend ever in their life? I personally find this whole situation as extremely hypocritical.

    besides, it really doesn’t matter whatever mrs chan says or whatever ANY of the students say or even the girl herself. because biased people will remain biased and the more we try to defend ourselves, the more decidedly against the school they will become because we’ll be seen as trying to “justify” the deed.

    give up. move on. the world is round. the sun rises in the east. things happen. in four maybe five years, when something like this happens again, it’ll just be a whole repeat of the cycle. hip hip hooray.

    get a life.

  8. get a life is the weakest statement you could ever use to put your points across.

    that aside, other schools’ kids DO use birthday kids as fodder for their pranks. that cannot be denied. the same happens in my school. however, it must be noted that if the pranksters are met with strong resistance from the victim(eg fervent struggling, loud and desperate shouting or protest), the act is immediately called off. the girl in the video did in fact struggle when she was tied to the pole, as if she was trying to break free. if she was a willing party in the incident as you so rightfully claimed, then why isn’t she lying on the floor like a meek child instead of putting up such a strong resistance that you had to have 3-4 girls pinning her down?

    wait, those aren’t girls. they’re hooligans.

  9. I am not affiliated to ACJC in any way and I am from the same generation as the students’ parents. I have viewed the 3 videos on Stomper. All I see is a bunch of kids play-acting and having fun. God, it is good to be young!

    Kudos to the school principal for allowing her students to enjoy their limited teenage years!

    Anyway, the manner in which the girl’s bday is celebrated is common even among adult frens. U know, the old cake in the face, beer over head, thrown into swimming pool routines etc. Just bcos these kids did it in their school premises, the bday celebration becomes “ragging” ?? Comeon.

  10. The people now have warped mentalities, do not neccessary pity the girl, maybe her infamous character make them want to teach her a lesson. Think about it, maybe she has a ‘bitchy’ character and most girls don’t really like her. Think also, what kind of person will enjoy such act, unless she has no proper moral upbringing. I don’t know what’s the true feeling of the victim, maybe she likes it, maybe deep in her heart she resent deeply, and do not want to be pitied, thus she says, ‘nevermind.’ At first it looks like bully, but at second look it seems like an immature act. They are all 17-18 years old, still have room to develop ‘lady-like’ ettiquette. They treat this as having fun. Maybe she is still young, treating the incident lightly, forgoing it. It’s just periods of our school days that makes it memorable, so that such days can be treasured in our heart as we grow older, and we’ll look back with a childish smirks in our faces.

    To all those involved, I wish you all the best for the road ahead. There’s nothing that brings a warm spark to our heart during a cold quiet night in the future but kind and memorable days of the distant past.

  11. The only ones who would say this is all in good fun are:
    1. The ones who are usually on the giving, not receiving end of the ragging
    2. Those who have kena-ed countless times before and thinks it’s only fair for everyone else to kena as well
    3. People associated with the raggers

    Oh, and if videos like that are circulating all over, ‘peer pressure’ would be the last thing I’d worry about. It’s more like “tell on us and you’d get it all over again!”. Either way, whether she’s bitchy (and you’d call it justice or whatever) or whether everyone’s doing it, doesn’t make it right.

  12. At the same time, I have to admit that a lot of blacks act exactly as he describes, and unless they get rid of this mindset, they will not become productive members of society. ,

  13. Like everything in SG, it gets white-washed. It’s consider ‘ Fun’ when no-one was hurt, but until the first student dies from such ragging incident, suddenly everyone would have a different opinion. Opinions would quickly turn to, Why didn’t anyone stop the act and why did the school allow these ragging? Fingers will all point to someone……

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