I wonder if it’s just me… the NS Portal is one of the worst and most badly designed website I have to access frequently. Do you have the same problems I have with this website? Is there any way we can make our opinions heard to effect changes? I have a feeling SAF don’t give a damn because NS is compulsory for Singapore male citizens and we have to keep using the lousy website regardless if it sucks to the core.

The loading time takes very very long for EVERY SINGLE PAGE (regardless if login is required); navigation is horrible with tabs that badly describe what the clicks lead to; the website is not compatible with quite a few internet browsers and is especially problematic if you happen to use a Mac (yes, the SAF still thinks Microsoft and PC rules the world); the list goes on.

Worse still, I remember there was a period when the NS Portal was migrated from their old URL at www.miw.com.sg to www.ns.sg, somehow, the database of reservists personnels like me were seemingly compromised (not sure about NSFs) to an unrelated company, called Green Dot Media who continued to operate the old URL as a “men’s lifestyle portal”. This new MIW is totally unrelated to NS, and continually sent me unwanted junk emails with no options to unsubscribe. It was only when I send an extremely harsh email to them that the spams stop. Can like that anyhow give out our national servicemen’s database one meh????? I didn’t CHOOSE to signed up for the NS Portal lei, I signed up because I HAD TO – out of an obligation to my nation – to book IPPT; check my ICT status, etc.

Do any of you have such similar experience? Or maybe I got my facts wrong? Care to comment? 🙂

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