Jade Seah (谢美玉) Did Say the F-word - Alvinology

Jade Seah (谢美玉) Did Say the F-word

Jade Seah (谢美玉) Did Say the F-word - Alvinology

Okay, the air is cleared. Jade Seah (谢美玉) had admitted to mouthing an expletive on national TV and had apologised for her action.

You can read the report here on omy. To watch her caught-in-the-action video, you can read my previous blog entry on this incident.

There’s also a facebook page petitioning to get Jade Seah removed from the Tonight in Beijing program she is currently hosting.

Well done Jade. 🙂 She managed to steal part of the media limelight from the Singapore women’s table tennis team in the coverage of the Beijing Olympics. Not an easy feat.

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