Money No Enough 2 《钱不够用2》 - Alvinology

Money No Enough 2 《钱不够用2》

Money No Enough 2 《钱不够用2》 - Alvinology

I watched Jack Neo’s Money No Enough 2 (MNE2) on Monday at the Gala Premiere, together with the a theatre full of bloggers from the omy’s Singapore Blog Awards. 🙂

I have always been a Jack Neo movie fan as his movies always provide me with a good laugh after a hard day at work. They are entertaining and reach out to the heartland crowd. That’s good enough for me, as well as the bulk of Singaporeans who repeatedly helped his movies to reach box office success.

Here’s the movie trailer for a preview:

Sans the blatant product placements and the bad CGI, I think MNE2 was good entertainment and I believe most of those who paid to go watch it will agree too.

However, it seems the local movie critics will disagree with most people on this. Jack Neo’s movies are always given extremely bad ratings, especially by movie critics from the English media.

Frankly, I don’t think it is being fair.

The Straits Times, Singapore’s leading English newspaper, actually gave MNE2 only one and a half star out of five rating. If it was Ah Long Pte Ltd (which even a fan like me thinks is horrible), I would think it is reasonable, but seriously, MNE2 got so bad meh?

Sometimes, I think film critics just pretend to favour painful-to-watch box office flops by art-house directors like Tsai Ming-Liang to appear uppity and high class in their taste.

I can switch between mass appeal and arthouse films; and I measure them with different yardsticks as they were made with different audiences in mind. I think this should be the way lei.

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