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Fragrance Prince – Watch what you post on your blog

Unless your blog is set as a private blog, publishing content on your blog is publishing for the world to see. Period.

Some people still do not seem to grasp this and have to learn it the hard way like this poor guy below:

Fragrance Prince

Fragrance Prince learn the hard way (picture taken from his friendster account)

This blogger named Fragrance Prince did not take a leaf from Wee Shu Min, and published some racist remarks on his blog.

The poor boy had already deleted his blog, but this is to no avail in the high-speed communication age of the Internet and all it’s social networking and user-generated content glory.

His friendster and slide profiles are still available; Google still keep cached files of his blog for posterity; his racist remarks are on Tomorrow.SG; people are going to keep cutting and paste his photos, texts across individual blogs, forums, etc.

Actually, I would think all he wanted to do was whine and complain about the weird guy in the MRT train who spoils his day. It would have been pretty much like the usual whining we see on STOMP, except he added in some racist remarks targeted at Malays. Why? Sigh…

UPDATE: Reported on Man arrested for posting racially-offensive content online – Is this guy Fragrance Prince?

Oh… and btw, Fragrance Prince apologised on his blog for his racist remarks already.

Okay, I found out that the arrested guy is really Fragrance Prince. Read more on omy.

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  1. Much better that vigilantes move in now before the hypersensitive government starts reading our the Sedition Act.

  2. Thanks for the full coverage Alvin. I love how you also linked to relevant sources. As chemgen mentioned, proactive citizens do make short work for governing online space. Better we take care of ourselves. I would be careful though, as an extreme effect of lynch mobs may happen.

  3. Dude, you should protect yourself by taking that post down. If its him, you might be liable for spreading the ‘sedition’. Seriously

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