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St Andrew’s Secondary School, Class of 4SE, 1996

I had a class reunion of sort during a wedding dinner with classmates from St Andrew’s Secondary School (SAS), Class of 4SE (Science Engineering), 1996.

I had blogged briefly about this in a previous post. The groom, Jason (guy in black suit standing in the middle), is now teaching in SAS and had invited a lot of our former teachers to his wedding as well. It was nice catching up with everyone.

4SE, 1996

The guy on the extreme left with a mustache was our Physics teacher, Mr. Gordon Goh. Although it was ten years ago since we have last seen him, the dude didn’t seem to have aged much.

Most of my classmates are now either engineers or teachers. I am one of the few who strayed from the norm, working in the media line. Nonetheless, we still clicked just as well as if it was yesteryear once more. 🙂

Till the next wedding guys!

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  1. Well, too bad I missed this one… Well, hopefully we’ll all be able to attend subsequent gatherings or weddings. Cheers!~

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