Channel U’s《唯我独尊》

The program is getting slammed for being overtly sexy and exploitative. Anyone happen to watch the offending episode with the “Sexy Babe (性感宝贝)” theme? What’s your opinion of the show?

I shall reserve my comments on this as I had not seen the show myself. However, I did find some short, ripped video clips on youtube:

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These videos all featured a 17-year-old girl called Mabel Soe (姜婷婷). From the videos above, I find the content still tame compared to American and even Taiwanese or Hong Kong TV shows. Cut Mediacorp some slack lah… if you don’t like the program, just switch channel. It’s not porn also what. We all know how reactionary our authorities are when it comes to censorship. Let’s not set about a chain reaction where they start reining in on TV contents heavily again like erstwhile SBC days.

There’s a discussion about this program on omy’s forum btw. You can visit HERE to see what others have to say as well as contribute your own views.

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