Stop Bully Steven Lim!!! Steven Lim was framed!!!

Remember my two previous posts (Steven Lim: 真相!陈冠希被人陷害!Edison Chen was framed!, Steven Lim: STOP BULLYING EDISON CHEN! 不要欺负陈冠希了!) on disgusting videos on the Edison Chen sex photos scandal made by our very own national pride, Steven Dragon Lim?

Well, a guy called gabxgab has produced two spoof videos in response to Steven Lim’s videos – apparently, in support of Steven Lim so he claimed.

Check them out here:

[youtube url=”″]


[youtube url=”″]


I am sure Steven Dragon Lim will be very happy to see these. He really has fans okay! Don’t play play ah!

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  1. Hi Alvin it’s me gabxgab.

    Great to know that you know the videos were only spoof videos.

    Just to let you know, I don’t really like him nor dislike him. I’m just in a neutral position.


    have a nice day!

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