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Support International Childhood Cancer Day!

International Childhood Cancer Day

15th February (yesterday) was International Childhood Cancer Day. On this special day, let us remember our support for children with cancer and their courage for life. Here’s how you can do your part to help raise awareness:

Find any gold-coloured material, make it into a ribbon and take a photo of yourself wearing it. Upload the photo to omy HERE.

As token incentives, the top 5 postings with most votes will win a NETS card readera teddy bear wearing a gold ribbon pin and .

Contest ends on 21 February 2008

Actress, Mindee Ong of 881 fame, has already done her part:

Mindee Ong with golden ribbon

I have also submitted a photoshopped entry on behalf of Edison Chen 🙂 :

edison chen wearing golden ribbon

Now, it’s your turn to do your part! Visit the official site by the Children Cancer Foundation to find out more or visit omy now to take part in the photo contest. 🙂

In Singapore, over 120 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed yearly. These children under the age of 1 9 have to go through physical pain and phychological treatment in their battle against childhood cancer.

What they need is to be shown the hope and determination to fight the disease.Coping with childhood cancer requires tremendous amount of courage and patience from these children.

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