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The Doll Affair

the doll affair

This event was held on 29 December last year at the YMCA. My friend, Alanna, was one of the organiser and I went along to take a look. I got to know Alanna through a video interview for a commissioned project on cosplay in Singapore. She is very passionate about Japanese culture, cosplay and now, ball-jointed dolls.Ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) are resin dolls cast from moulds. Each of the BJD’s parts are strung up by elastic and are given ball-joints so as to enable the dolls to exhibit a plethora of poses. Highly customizable right down to their make-up (or faceup), the dolls come in a variety of sizes from 60cm and up to as small as 30cm and below.

The purpose of the event was for BJD enthusiasts to showcase their handiworks as well as to provide a platform for them to interact.

There was also an on-site photography competition as well as an on-site lucky draw that offered a spanking new ball-jointed doll to the lucky winner. These activities drew some 280 visitors to the event.

The response was way better than what the organisers had expected. As the YMCA function room was only able to host approximately 100 pax at any one time, Alanna told me they had to do the “LV store thing” where people have to queue outside, and only gets to enter when someone leaves.

Here are some photos I took at the event. You can visit the official website here for more details or, here for more pictures.

prince charming
Prince Charming

latest boy band
Latest J-pop boy band

cyndi wang
this wafer thin doll looks a bit like Taiwanese singer, Cyndi Wang

take picture
The dolls were the central attractions, not the humans!

wig styling
Wig styling

Help! I am balding!

giant fan
this one holds a giant fan

i like
I like this doll’s costume and arrangement

Watch the bleach!

Raisins spotted!

friendly stall owners
Friendly stall owners

there’s something scary about this composition

sleeping beauty

won't bite
Don’t worry, they don’t bite!

the minis
the mini ones

dressing up
Crown me please!

good crowd
A sizable crowd

Entries for the photography competition

fresh BJD

  1. donde se pueden comprar esos muñecos yo soy peruana si son de china, Japón o korea mándelos a Perú por favor se los agradeceré con gusto arigato

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