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Local Comedian, MC King (蓝顉嘻) is dead!

Read about it on xin.sg. Very sudden lei… poor thing.

mc king
picture taken from dasmondkoh.com

My condolence. He haven’t appear on TV for quite a while, but his MC King role in 我爱芳邻 was such a classic that until now, a lot of people still only know him as MC King instead of his real name.

Details of his death is fuzzy and the media seems to have been caught by surprise, judging from the report on xin.sg. Whatever the cause, Singapore just lost another talented comedian.

For those who miss him and wants to say goodbye or something… perhaps can visit his BLOG and leave messages for MC King there.


Reports from omy:

MC King蓝钦熹 今日突然去世

MC King蓝钦熹 猝死 最新报道

MC King蓝钦熹 曾为改运而改名蓝顉嘻

MC King蓝钦熹 生前最后一篇blog“明天哪怕天塌下来也能即登极乐世界吧?”

MC King蓝钦熹 每次狂笑后他会突然喘不过气来

MC King蓝钦熹 摸着冰冷遗体丽梅:MC,我很气你!

MC King蓝钦熹 给1003DJ丽梅的部落格

MC King蓝钦熹 他是百分百孝顺母亲的好儿子

MC King蓝钦熹 数月前已露心衰竭症状

MC King蓝钦熹 誓言这辈子不结婚

MC King蓝钦熹 母亲受访:“我儿是个开心果”

MC King蓝钦熹 艺人送别笑星 大唱卡拉OK

MC King蓝钦熹 电台1003制作特别节目 欢歌笑语送MC

MC King蓝钦熹 命理师指84公斤以下对蓝顉嘻事业有利

MC King蓝钦熹 MC King上路 众人掌声送行

MC King蓝钦熹 不舍爱儿 老母坚持到火化场看爱儿火化

MC King蓝钦熹 阿姐郑惠玉被轰不会做人!

MC King蓝钦熹 MC King蓝顉嘻 火化后家人捡到舍利花

In addition, can also discuss about it in the forum HERE.

Director, Jack Neo, has also wrote about MC King’s sudden death in his blog HERE.

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  1. i think maybe the heaven want him, bcoz the heaven lack of actors, have no choice to look for actors in reallife, and he lucky to be chosen it quite a happy new

    i think is this reason is bcoz he is so healthy and dun have any illness, but why he suddenly die, so weird, and this might be the reason above

    msn: [email protected]

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