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“Paradise” Wedding @ T3

“Paradise” Wedding @ T3
paradise wedding @ T3

To create media buzz for the opening of Changi Airport Terminal 3, the folks at Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) organised a “Paradise Wedding @ T3” photography contest on 14 December, 2007.

Couples selected to participate in the contest are to submit three wedding photos of themselves, taken in T3 that best portrays the theme of “Paradise Wedding @ T3”. One winning couple will walk away with an all expenses paid honeymoon to Paris plus S$5000 cash.

Somehow, I got conned into being the photographer for this event for my two friends, Mark and Meiyen. The two of them are getting married next year. Mark told me they needed someone to “help take photo”, but did not mention it was for a contest.

We have to arrive at the airport at 8.30am and waited till 11am for the “Guest-of-Honour” (either Chairman or CEO of CAAS… too sleepy to remember) to “open” the contest. I wonder which kiasu civil servant was it at CAAS who decided everyone needs to arrive two and a half hour ahead of the GOH – super inconsiderate lei, GOH need to sleep then participants don’t need meh?

At first, I was rather excited to be one of the first to see what inside T3 looks like. This quickly turned to disappointment upon entering the premises. Many of the areas were still under construction. 99 per cent of the furniture and decors were still in their bubble wraps or foam packaging. How to take “Paradise” picture like that?????

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Good thing there’s an invention called PHOTOSHOP!

Check out the before and after photoshop pictures for the three images Mark and Meiyen selected for me to touch up. My DI skills are a bit rusty, but still can lah hor? 🙂

garden - original
Not enought plant

garden - edited
Plentiful plant and better complexion for Mark

slide original
Can still see construction at left corner… Mark also looks a bit lonely

slide edited
Voila! Construction is gone! Mark’s evil twin also appeared!

waterfall - original
No flowers in flowerbed, lots of ugly power sockets, wirings, etc

waterfall - edited
Flowers planted, wirings, sockets and all other distracting elements removed

Mark and Meiyen were on a tight budget shoot – they only “employed” one photographer and the gown, suit, props, etc cost them under S$200. It will be quite a big surprise if we win. Most of the other couples took the contest much more seriously.

This bride brought her own angel wings:

angel wings

Big group:

big group

For this couple, their photographer got assistant to bounce light one hor:

photo assistant

This bride has a super cumbersome long gown:

long gown

This is Mark and Meiyen. They have to carry their things around as the photographer is a lazy bum and they brought no one else. They look very tired in this picture:

tired couple

Despite all the complains, I did have fun at the event lah. This was because I get to take weird photos which would never be allowed when T3 is fully opened. I particularly like these two:

singapore custom
Fooling around at the Custom
chucky and bride
Eeks! The luggage scanner gave birth to Chucky and his bride!

I think if the theme was not Paradise and something else like lamest/funniest wedding photos @ T3, there’s probably a high chance we may win! 🙂

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  1. Angelia

    Yeah, we received the photos today..thought the couple looked really young especially at the playground 🙂 Heh, they didn’t submit ur fave pics eh 😛

    Well, the grand prize is a trip for 2 to Paris, $5k cash n wedding rings which is why most of the couples took it really seriously!

  2. Johnny Malkavian

    I will never understand why photographers insist on lying on the ground when the smart thing to do is just to buy a cheap angle finder…

  3. rinaz

    I like the last picture of the bridal dolls getting scanned 🙂

    If only there were a funniest theme yeah? That would be so much more interesting to see 🙂

  4. alvinology

    Angelia: You from CAAS ah? 🙂

    rinaz: Totally agree! Paradise is so lame. hahaha

  5. YoungJedi

    Hey .. your last photo are really cute … : ) and funny is the way you show us before and after photoshop editing.. suddenly, a barren spot was filled with colourful flowers.. cool..

  6. Hazel

    Hi Sir! I am a student from Victoria JC, and I’m conducting a research on how Singaporeans attach meaning to Changi Airport via its alternative uses. One of the highlights of my research if the Paradise Wedding @ T3 competition.

    I read in one of your posts that you were the photographer for “Mark and MeiYen’s” wedding photos. I’d love to interview them for this research, I’m sure the experience in taking wedding photos in T3 is a unique one. It would be great if you could contact me at [email protected] to follow up with this, by helping me get into contact with the couple for either an email/phone/face to face interview! it won’t take much of yours or their time, and it will really make a difference to me! Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!:)



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