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Who is Mocca Muscle Man?

Mocca muscle manI am sure you would have noticed him in the funny Mocca.com advertisement if you watch local TV. Who is this muscle man who speaks with a comic accent?

According to a reliable source, he is a Vietnamese amateur bodybuilder. His name is Ben. Currently, that’s about all the information I can gathered about this quirky dude.

Oh, and you can buy limited editions of his autographed posters for S$68 each. Here’s the description on Mocca:

You’ve watched him on TV. Have a piece of him, well, his autograph at least. ONLY 5 posters available. All proceeds will go to MediaCorp’s adopted charities, Balestier Special School and HCA Hospice Care. Email us NOW and own this collectible!

I think Mocca really striked gold with Ben. His ad has been well-received in general and many people are talking about him. One of my colleague even told me she taught her daughter the word ‘muscle’ from the ad!

Also, the ad does not seem like a big budget production and is likely to have been done in-house. Whoever is the creative director who came up with the concept – Kudos to you! Alvinology salutes you for your creativitiy with all sincerity.

Damn… why didn’t we think of something like that for omy.sg! 🙂

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