He came out to show support to omy’s Editor, Cai Shen Jiang and also to say “sorry” to Xiaxue. Not too sure what’s he is trying to do, but I guess it is to grab attention to be in the limelight as usual.

For those who did not follow the story, Cai Shen Jiang and Xiaxue had a small quarrel going on their blogs since appearing together on the TV talkshow, Shoot 3.

In Steven Lim’s own words:

Xiaxue, How dare you scold Let’s Shoot 3’s Mr. Cai Shen Jiang’s fat pock-marked bespectacled man rude? He is our senior n very experienced in the media. Even my Dad respects him n even told me not to disgrace myself infront of him. You were very very rude n arrogant. But this video is dedicated to you. I m sorry.

Here’s the video he created. (Warning: Very bad singing)

Marketing gimmicks from Steven lah. Then again, shucks… I am addicted to his retarded nonsense. 🙂

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