I am not a Plastic Bag

Why are women so crazy about this ugly looking “I am not a Plastic Bag” Bag??? Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make a unique version of the bag yourself, at practically zero cost and with a wee bit of creativity.

Step 1:
Get one of those pink plastic bag for free at any neighbourhood grocery store.

Step 2 (most important step – please pay attention!):
Use a marker pen to write the words “I am not a Pastic Bag” on top of it.

Step 3:
Voila! The bag is ready!

Pink plastic bag

It’s cheaper and more direct in helping the environment through direct recycling and minimal economic wastage. Also, as the words are hand-written by yourself, each and every one of such bags will be UNIQUE (one of a kind in the world)!

How cool is that?

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