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Who is Goh Chye Boon?

Who is Goh Chye Boon?

Goh Chye Boon
Goh Chye Boon with his favourite plant (Picture taken from SMA)

Goh Chye Boon is a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Trade and Industry who has been convicted for drink driving.

In Singapore heartlanders’ terms, Goh is an Elite Scholar type.

According to Channel NewsAsia,

Deputy Secretary Goh Chye Boon was fined $2,500 and disqualified from driving all classes of vehicles for 18 months. He pleaded guilty to committing the offence at 2.58am on 14 May this year. Police had stopped his car at Bukit Timah Road and Goh was found to have had alcohol in his body that exceeded the prescribed limit.

Goh has starlet performances in the civil service. He chaired the organising committee of the IMF-World Bank meetings held in Singapore last year and is one of the board members in the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). He was also previously the first director of the National Youth Council (NYC).

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The Public Service Division (PSD) has not yet decided if any action may be taken towards Goh, for his civil service career.

From his picture of him posing beside an office reception potted plant, Goh seems a pretty typical – dull-looking, boring, ‘just follow law’ type civil servant to me. Can’t really picture him getting all drunk and naughty.

Looks can be deceiving.

Maybe that plant is actually a new variant of Marijuana.

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  1. alvinology

    I realised today that Goh looks like Homer Simpson…

    Anyone else think so too?

  2. Someone

    He is my CO and he is nice and funny. He went drinking because he secured the F1 contract for Singapore. I hope he will be forgiven.

  3. alvinology

    What’s a CO? Don’t use civil-servant-exclusive acronym lei. :p

  4. Someone

    CO – Commanding Officer of the Battalion. In Singapore NSmen term 🙂

  5. Alvin

    He’s ok.. Great motivator… don’t blast him as so bad.. He’s also my commanding officer in NS.. Spoke to him once.. a down to earth guy.. ok in my books

  6. Jason

    A Redcon1 CO for that matter! Low key next ICT!

  7. alfred

    Facial observation is deceiving!!! Not as innocent as he looks!

  8. 692SIR

    Support him. He was my CO too and he’s funny and treat his battalion very good.


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