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Dinner at Greenwood Fish Market

Had a dinner for two at Greenwood Fish Market, tucked away behind the National Junior College campus in Bukit Timah, in a hidden corner called Greenwood Avenue.

The exact address:

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro
#34, Greenwood Avenue
Tel: 6467-4950

The price is on the steep side, but this is compensated by the high quality of fresh, exotic seafood, not commonly available elsewhere. I don’t have a deep pocket, and hence did not order the lobsters, strange crabs and other expensive stuff.

Here are some pictures to share. 🙂

Greenwood Fish Market exterior
From the outside

display window
Exterior display window

Fresh fruits and veggies
Fresh fruits and veggies

Fresh seafood
Fresh sea creatures

Oysters for sale
Oysters for sale

Greenwood Fish Market promotions
Alvinology checking out the various promotions

Very hungry!

Softshell crab
Serving of soft-shell crabs

Pan-baked fish
Threadfin served with mashed potato

Fish and chips
Fish and chips

Other than the food, the other thing I liked about this bistro is its ambience. Oak panels for walls, candles on tables – sounds a bit atas but the feel that came off was more lived-in than pretentious. Service was excellent.

For a decent but simple meal, budget about $30+++ per person. Should you crave for more extravagant offerings, like yellowtail sashimi and whatnot, then budget more. By the way, their house wine is not bad. Forgot its name though.

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  1. Hey, was doing a search on this place and your blog came up! 🙂

    I will go try it someday!

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