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How to make Steven Lim’s Chicken Pie

Xiaxue loves Steven Lim's Chicken Pie
The best Chicken Pie in Singapore and JB!

I am so inspired by Steven Lim‘s favourite swear words that I came up with a receipe to bake the very special Steven Lim’s Chicken Pie.

It’s so mouthwatering good that famous blogger, Xiaxue changed her tagline to “Xiaxue – the Chicken Pie Blogger” after tasting it just ONCE!

Here are the ten simple steps:

Step One

Preheat blogosphere to 350 degrees by making personal attacks against other bloggers for no apparent reason. (You can do it yourself or ask someone else to do it to you.)

Step Two

Wash and drain 2-3 large Steven Lim breasts. Get him to do some exercises so he’s all sweaty as he will taste better this way.

Step Three

Add some lamp chop to the Steven Lim breasts. Then, lightly brown pieces in skillet, with about 2 TBS. Steven Lim’s facial/body oil.

Step Four

Add 2 cans of condensed Steven Lim’s sweat, 1.5 cans of Steven Lim’s saliva, and one can of Steven Lim’s pubes, drained.

Step Five

Stir while heating to boiling. Meantime, you can watch some of Steven Lim’s video clips to get you into the mood for eating the special pie.

Step Six

Pour into unbaked 9″ pie crust.

Step Seven

Cut a few small slits in top crust, then place on top of pie. Press together edges of crusts with small amount of Steven Lim’s saliva.

Step Eight

Use Steven Lim’s yellow undies under pie in oven.

Step Nine

Bake in 350 degree blogsphere, for 30-40 minutes, or until top crust is golden brown.

Step Ten

Voila! The pie’s ready to serve!!!

Steven Lim's Chicken Pie

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  1. Haha, as long as it’s funny. Isn’t this what the quarrel between Xiaxue and Steven Lim about? Providing fun and laughter for the wider audience on the blogosphere? 🙂

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