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Who is Kow Keng Siong?

Kow Keng Siong
Picture taken from lsc.gov.sg

This is the man.

He received a Public Administration (Bronze) Medal before, at the National Day Awards, 2004.

District Judge Kow Keng Siong is the judge who presided over the case of Dickson Tan Yong Wen (who was mistakenly given three extra strokes of the cane).

The case of Dickson Tan, according to the Straits Times:

Tan was sentenced to nine months’ jail and five strokes of the cane for abetting an illegal moneylender. But a court clerk preparing his Warrant of Commitment, which notifies the Prisons Department of the sentence, mistakenly put down eight strokes. Tan was caned on March 29. The court clerk has since resigned. The District Judge who signed the warrant without spotting the error, will no longer be allowed to do judicial work involving such warrants.

Not too sure if the DJ who presided the case and the one who got punished is the same guy. In any case, it’s really 一失足成千古恨 – very sad lah. Must be careful about such things…

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  1. Why sad for him? idiot must be signing off documents with his eyes closed. Clerk make mistake, he also never double check? He should be sacked because such third world competence has no place in our first world government. LOL

  2. Does anybody really knows KKS (Kow Keng Siong)? KKS was the Chief Public Prosecutor, but yet he was sent back to the State Courts, as a DJ. What does these amounts to?

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