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Who is Felicia Teo Wei Ling?

Felicia Teo Wei Ling
Picture taken from FindFelicia

She has been missing for over TWO WEEKS to date. Her family and loved ones are searching for her.

Doing my part here as a blogger to spread the message. Although a lone blogger’s effort is limited – it’s a different thing altogether if everyone start doing the same.

Felicia, as described on a blog set up by her loved ones:

most people who would not know her could even mistaken her for a fair malay lady due to the fact that she speaks the malay language fluently.The last time i saw her , she was carrying a BIG white bag and a camera bag,distinct items would be a MAC BOOK PRO and the OLYUMPUS Dslr camera.

Please contact dahiyaht : 9223 3295/ K : 9649 9591 or email [email protected] if you have any information that can help them find Felicia.

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