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Cosfest 2007 – Photo Galore!

(WARNING: Long post ahead)

Attended Cosfest 2007 at Downtown East today with Cuandi, Rosslyn, Leon and Rachel. What a visual feast! This year’s event is much bigger in scale than the previous years, with activities spread over three days; more booths; more sponsors and higher quality cosplayers and performances.

Kudos to the folks at SCC Square for a job well done!

I shall cut the bull crap and share the photos that we took today. Since the subject is cosplay – pictures are definitely more exciting than words alone.

Checkered uniform
Pair in uniform

Kung Fu Cosplayers
Chinese Kung Fu?

Graffitti wall
Graffiti wall for vandals to draw on

Pinkies, one big, one small

Umbrella and harp
An umbrella and a harp – what a weird combo

Red robot
Red robot trying to punch me for taking his photo

Photographers hoarding cosplayers – they are all over the place!

Leather gangsters
Gangsters in leather

Princess and an ang moh
A princess and an ang moh wannabe

Japanese school kids
Japanese school kids

On stage
Some cosplayers performing on stage

Cool woman
I think he’s a woman – looks cool though

Pretty Maid
Not your usual maid

Chicken Little
Should be renamed Cheeky Little for chee hong-ing

Taekwondo kick
Taekwondo kick

Fake guns
Booth selling fake guns

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes

Lady Death
Death from the Sandman graphic novel

Rachel with a Polar Bear
Rachel with a Polar Bear

Eyes Wide Shut?
From Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut?

Students of Hogwart
Students of Hogwarts

Japanese warriors
Japanese warriors

Big Head Gundam
Big Head Gundam

Triangle head
Triangle Head

Lady Death again
Death again

Girl in purple robe
Girl in purple robe

Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife

Cute children cosplayers
Cutesy children cosplayers

Sexy cosplayer

Pretty Cosplayer
A pretty cosplayer lying on the floor

Group with a jar
Group with a jar

Yuna cosplayer

Guy in armour
Guy in cupboard armour

Tiny cosplayers
Teeny weeny cosplayers

Red leather
Check out the red leather tights

Contestants get to sit nearer to the stage

Robin Hood?
Robin Hood?

Jiang Shi
Chinese jiang shi?

Casting spell
Casting a spell of death

Swords for sale
Swords for sale

Gothic lolita on floor
Gothic lady lying on the floor

Bleach Group
Bleach Group

FF figurines
FF figurines for sale

League of superheroes

Two girls
They are both girls

Head chopping
Head chopping

Bendy blade
Bendy Blade

Say cheese!
Say Cheese!

Wear spectacles
Got wear spectacles one

Kamikaze rider
Kamen rider – retro!

Bleach pair
Bleach Pair

Star Wars trooper
Trooper from Star Wars

Mad eye moody
Mad-eye Moody and two students of Hogwarts

Kamikaze rider again
Kamen Rider again

Nice school uniforms
Nice school uniform

Cosplayers take photo of cosplayers
Cosplayers taking photo of cosplayers

Group shot
Group shot of people with gigantic weapons

Getting ready
Paint my belly before I go on stage

Kids looking intrigued at the cosplayers performing on stage

Audience looking happy

Troopers' helmet
Trooper’s helmet

FF Pair
FF Pair

Mai figurine for sale

My friend, Alanna
My friend, Alanna, with a mechanic arm

The vilian from Power Puff Girls
The villain from Power Puff Girls

Cosy on the grass
Cosy on the grass

Woman in tights
Woman in tights

Someone from Greenpeace
Someone from Greenpeace

POT group
Prince of Tennis Group

PAP Kindergarden performance
PAP Kindergarten performance

Drawing Corner
Drawing corner

Not from PAP
In white, but not PAP

Bad guys
Bad guys in leather

Booth selling artworks

Star Trek collectibles
Star Trek collectibles on display

Drawings for sale
Drawings for sale

Best Cosplayer
Winner for Best Individual Cosplayer

Singapore representatives
Singapore Representatives for World Cosplay Summit 2007

Finale Group shot
Finale group shot

Finale close-up 01

Another close-up
Another close-up

last picture
One last close-up

That’s all! To view the full flickr set, click HERE.

To see my previous entry on the semi-finals held at Orchard last Saturday, click HERE.


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  1. Thanks for the correction Agagooga, ya, should be Kamen… too sleepy last night when posting the blog entry.

    Yee Hung: maybe got lah, there were a lot of cosplayers at the event. I didn’t manage to take picture of all of them.

  2. The Mad Eye Moody is actually Trelawney and the “Robin Hood” is actually the Green Arrow. We were from the DC team! Can we get high rez pics of our group pic, Green Arrow and the “girl in tights”? She’s Raven! 😀

  3. the ang moh wannabe is tamaki frm ouran high school host club, head chopping is the akatsuki leader frm naruto(though his face isn’t shown), PAP is haruhi and ryoko frm the melncholy of suzumiya haruhi and the almost PAP is allen walker and lenalee lee(?) from D.Gray man : D

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