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Fiesta @ Orchard

Yesterday, I went down to Ngee Ann City to catch the World Cosplay Summit Semi-finals together with Leon and Rachel. It was held in conjunction with the Tanjong Pagar GRC Family Day and was collectively named as Fiesta @ Orchard.

As the leading MP in Tanjong Pagar GRC, MM Lee actually graced the event!

It was really a very strange sight seeing MM Lee at a cosplay event. Quite a mismatch, given his stern, no-nonsense reputation. Also, because of MM Lee’s public appearance, security was ultra tight. Maybe they are afraid one the cosplayers may be terrorists in disguise… and may be carrying real swords and guns.

I was hoping that the PAP MPs will turn up in cosplay to show that they are young and trendy – just like the p65 hip-hop dancing at Chingay. Alas, they didn’t. I thought MM Lee may be able to do a good cosplay of the old master in the turtle shell in Dragonball.

All in all, I find the cosplay portion of the festival a big success in opening up the cosplay experience to the wider public. Kudos to Takahan and Stephanie at SCC Square for a job well done. I am definitely going down to support them again at Downtown East next weekend. Do go if you are free too.

More details available HERE.

Meanwhile, check out the photos I took at the event yesterday. 🙂

Main Entrance
Terrorist alert was on as cosplay may be dangerous

Tight security
Close-up of the security check

Guest of Honour
Now we know the reason for the tight security – a VVIP!

Cosplayers on stage
Cosplayers on stage doing a skit

Cosplayers dancing
Cosplayers dancing on stage

Rachel with a family of Star Treks
Rachel together with Singapore Star Trekkers

Gundam wigs Gundam Pair
Eureka 7 cosplayers with bright coloured wigs

Goth gang
Gothic people

The one in pink is a guy!

More dancing
More dancing – this time, dressed up in PAP Kindergarten uniforms

Indranee dancing
One of the Tanjong Pagar MPs – Ms Indranee, joined in the dancing

A good crowd was present

Booth selling anime/manga knick knacks

Cloud Gothic lolita
A cosplayer and a gothic lolita

Bookmarks for sale
Bookmarks and postcards for sale

Booth owner
One of the booth owners selling artworks

Figurines for sale
Pig and cat figurines for sale

Bleach cosplayers

Jap soldier Jap woman
A Japanese soldier and a Kimono lady

Cool fire dancers
Hot babes and hunk playing with fire – however, no one was watching

Leaving stage
Audience leaving despite the hot bods – why is this so?

Here's where the crowd is!
Here’s the reason – the crowd is here! Awaiting the VVIP

Cosplayers were shoo-ed away to make way for the VVIP and VIPs

MM Lee
And here he is! MM Lee himself

MM Lee see pictures
MM enjoying the photo exhibition

Rachel looking ludicrous cause she can’t understand why people prefer to chase after an old man rather than the hot bods on stage

Finale shot
Finale: MM Lee and the Tanjong Pagar MPs took a picture with the cosplayers! What a strange sight!

To view the full flickr set, click HERE.

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  1. that’s not Gundam Seed, it’s Eureka 7.

    “gothic” and “lolita” is fashion, not cosplay. Unless they are cosplaying specific artistes who are usually dressed in such fashion.

    it’s not PA uniform, it’s school uniforms from Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu.

    the random cosplayers; one is from Kingdom Hearts, the other one is a lolita dresser.

    i believe it’s a German soldier, not a japanese soldier.

  2. did rachel find any comics that were placed on the fiction table and report it to the national media as porn being sold to children at this event, too?

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