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The Mickey Mouse Challenge

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Mickey Mouse!

Is the Mickey Mouse Club song ringing in your head right now? Man, don’t we miss that mouse with the squeaky gay voice?

Yesterday at 72-13, while we were sitting in the audience listening to the judges drone on and on about each video entries, I got bored and challenged Leon, Ding An and Rachel to draw their renditions of Mickey Mouse.

It was a random thing we did out of boredom. However, it produced very interesting results as the artworks were very different!

Here’s a picture of Ding An getting into action and drawing on the spot.

Ding An drawing

This is Ding An’s Mickey. Looks evil right?

Ding An's Mickey

This plain-looking and unimaginative one is by Rachel. I think she was focusing too much on drawing a graphical accurate version.

Rachel's Mickey

This is Alvinology’s Mickey. I drew him manga style.

Alvinology's Mickey

Finally, here’s Leon’s masterpiece.

Leon's Mickey

Which do you like best? Do drop us a comment so we can decide who’s the winner in our Mickey Mouse Challenge! 🙂

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