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I read the Freakonomics book written by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner early this year and the book totally wowed me away.

I am a sucker for seemingly useless tidbits of information such as ‘why is shark’s fin an exquisite dish to the Chinese’, ‘why do people say cheese when taking photos’, ‘why is the sky blue’ etc.

What is amazing about Freakonomics is it managed to deploy statistical tools to prove seemingly useless information can tell a deep story – eg. like how a person’s name can easily give away his or her social economic background due to naming conventions adopted by parents from different social classes.

And hor, it’s not a chim read!

I just realise today that there’s a blog for Freakonomics. It is going into my bookmark on my Internet browser.

A useless fact a day… keeps the doctor away.

The psychiatrist maybe. 🙂

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