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I have 16,000 friends, what about you?

Come be our friends!

Seen on the Sunday Times last weekend – a headline article about sisters, Nicole and Celeste Chen who are said to have over 16,000 friends on their 11 Friendster accounts. It was stated that people probably added them as friends because of their skimpy attire in photos and personal dance videos.

I did a quick Google search for Nicole and Celeste, and here are their Friendster accounts and homepages:

Nicole’s three homepages/blogs: No1, No2, No3

Celeste’s homepage: No1

Nicole’s friendster accounts: No1, No2, No3, No4, No5

Celeste’s friendster accounts: No1, No2, No3, No4, No5, No6

This reminds me about the blog entry that Voxy wrote rambling about the evils of Friendster. Do remember to add them as your friends if you want to enter a network of 16,000. 🙂

Today, I read this letter in response to the article on the Chen sisters, published in Straits Time Life!:

I find it rather amusing, and shallow, to think that you are more awesome or likeable if you have more online friends. Since when do people become friends by just submitting names to someone’s Friendster account? Tell me, if something bad happens to your family, how many of your online friends are going to comfort, or help you or even care? By the way, I am not old. I am 11. – Samantha Wong


Samantha is a brave girl.

I must admit that I will be too cowardy to write something like this because I will not want to incur the wrath of 16,000 netizens and get flamed silly till I have to shut down my blog.

Yours Sincerely,

Alvin Lim

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  1. But I agree with Samantha too. 16000 friends on friendster? So what? Do they actually know all of them?

    What the use of having 16000 ‘friends’? And why the newspaper so bo liao come out with such article?

  2. Friendster is a kuku dumdum piece of sh… Kay kay. I’m not blaming Friendster lor, it’s the community itself that can be so WTFish.

  3. HAHA. Voxy hates friendster.

    Anyway, dont understand why it didnt cross their minds that all their friendster accounts could have repeated friends….argh *shrugs*

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