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Amara Sanctuary Sentosa Unveils Nature-Inspired Refreshed Interiors

Amara Sanctuary Sentosa has introduced a new era of serenity with its refreshed interiors, part of Amara Hotels and Resorts’ ambitious transformation of its Singapore properties. In collaboration with the renowned architectural atelier FARM, the updated spaces blend contemporary aesthetics with biophilic elements, celebrating the splendor of nature.

Celebrating Heritage and Nature

The redesign pays homage to the island’s maritime heritage as a former military fortress and the estate’s 100-year legacy. FARM’s holistic spatial approach showcases natural materials, including indigenous stone, venerable timber, and reclaimed wood from traditional fishing vessels. Lush plants invigorate previously underutilized spaces, creating tranquil oases for mindful contemplation.

A Welcoming Lobby with a Natural Heart

Amara Sanctuary Sentosa Unveils Nature-Inspired Refreshed Interiors - Alvinology

At the heart of the transformation is the resplendent lobby, featuring an ethereal skylight that creates a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. A majestic four-meter Pithecellobium Confertum ‘Everfresh Tree’ with Davallia Fejeensis shrub takes center stage, emphasizing nature’s quiet splendor to guests as they arrive. At night, the tree closes its leaves to conserve water. The lobby is designed to encourage interaction while offering cozy corners for moments of repose. Future plans include retail opportunities within the lobby, offering unique takeaway products that reflect the essence of the Amara brand.

Biophilic Design in Villas and Suites

The biophilic design ethos extends to the updated Villas and Suites, fostering a fluid ambience of nature-inspired refinement. The new design uses flora and greenery to evoke calmness and respite, with abundant planters enhancing the surroundings. Outdoor courtyards and foyers feature daybeds, settees, hammocks, and bar tables, inviting guests to bask in the sun’s warmth and the colonial facade.

Rooms are imbued with sand-inspired hues, creating a coastal serenity that complements the nearby Palawan Beach. Nature’s colors, from verdant greens to warm tans, are paired with organic materials such as rattan, timber, and sisal. Verandah Studios and Suites have been transformed into dual-key apartments with kitchenettes to accommodate multi-generational family travelers.

Sanctuary Tearoom: A Culinary Heartbeat

At the heart of the resort is the all-new Sanctuary Tearoom, the main dining space. The 146-seater minimalist restaurant—88 seats indoors and 58 alfresco—transforms between meals to suit any occasion, from daily breakfast buffets featuring hearty local dishes to private functions celebrating life’s cherished moments. Earth-toned furnishings are juxtaposed with handwoven rattan lanterns and towering greens, aligning with the resort’s naturalistic design ethos. A patio area with plush settees overlooks the lobby’s water feature, while floor-to-ceiling windows offer glimpses of the picturesque lawn, making Sanctuary Tearoom an ideal backdrop for unforgettable weddings.

Grand Reopening and Special Offers

After five months of meticulous redesign, Amara Sanctuary Sentosa celebrated its official relaunch on 1 June 2024. To mark the occasion, the resort has introduced the exclusive ‘Sanctuary Escapade’ offer. This package includes 20% off the best available rates on suites and villas, daily breakfast for two, afternoon tea set for two, and S$100 dining credit per stay at Sanctuary Tearoom.

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