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Canon Unveils New CINE-SERVO Lens with Enhanced RF Mount Communication and Digital Drive Unit

Canon has announced the release of two new additions to its EF/RF Cinema Lens series, the CN7×17 KAS T/R1 and CN7×17 KAS T/P1, scheduled for early October 2024. These lenses, part of the “CINE-SERVO Lens” lineup, bring significant advancements in communication functions and operability.

Innovative Features

  • RF and PL Mounts: The CN7×17 KAS T/R1 introduces an RF mount, a first for the CINE-SERVO series, while the CN7×17 KAS T/P1 features the widely used PL mount, catering to diverse industry needs.
  • Enhanced Optics: Both lenses support 4K/8K high optics, continuing the legacy of the CN7x17 KAS S (released in August 2014), with added features like enhanced communication functions and improved operability via the new digital drive unit, e-Xs V.
  • Broad Applications: These lenses are designed to meet the evolving demands of live sports broadcasts, remote shooting, virtual production for movies, and other video productions, promoting efficient workflows.

Compatibility and Functionality

  • Advanced Camera Integration: Compatible with Canon EOS C400 (releasing in September 2024), EOS C70 (released in November 2020), and EOS R5 C (March 2022), the lenses offer lateral chromatic aberration corrections, light intensity adjustments, and dual pixel focus guide tuning. A new feature includes distortion correction support.
  • Metadata for Virtual Production: These lenses now provide metadata output suitable for virtual production, enabling real-time and post-production CG compositing when used with the EOS C400.

e-Xs V Digital Drive Unit

  • Improved Speed and Precision: The new e-Xs V digital drive unit enhances focus and iris speed, vital for capturing fast-moving subjects, such as in sports broadcasts. The design also minimizes changes in the angle of view during focusing and includes a focus breathing correction function linked with the zoom.
  • User-Friendly Features: A USB Type-C terminal allows users to export and import lens settings from a USB drive, facilitating easy firmware updates.

Versatile Design

  • Broadcast and Cinema Style: The lenses support both broadcast-style operation through servo control and cinema-style shooting with full manual operation.
  • Comprehensive Communication: They feature 12-pin serial communication, a standard for broadcast camera systems. The CN7×17 KAS T/P1 supports Cooke Optics’ /i Technology and ZEISS’s eXtended Data, allowing real-time external output of lens-related information to enhance shooting and editing efficiency.

Canon’s latest CINE-SERVO lenses represent a significant step forward in lens technology, combining high-performance optics with advanced communication and functionality, tailored for the dynamic demands of modern video production.

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