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Viessmann Vitowell Easy Matt Black Series: Blazing the Trail for an Unparalleled Shower Experience At Home

In the overwhelming yet exciting world of home design and renovation, many cannot resist the allure of creating the perfect master bedroom, achieving the kitchen of your dreams that even Iron Chefs can only dream of, or sprucing up a living room so that it is both homey and party-ready.

However, for a select few, nothing takes more importance than creating the ultimate sanctuary that sits at the crossroads of tranquillity and relaxation–the bathroom. So, for those discerning individuals who find refuge in shower time, there is nothing better than discovering a brand that encapsulates all these and more. 

Over 100 years of German history and expertise

Hailing from Allendorf in Germany, Viessmann Climate Solutions boasts over 100 years of German history and expertise in providing comprehensive climate solutions, including water heating and purification. Their distinguished legacy began as a heating manufacturer but eventually evolved to provide not just intelligent heating but energy solutions as well. Since then, their commitment has seamlessly woven sustainability into their DNA.

With a century-long legacy and a proven track record in heating and ventilation leadership, Viessmann is making waves as it expands into Southeast Asia, with a strong presence in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Elevating every Singaporean’s well-being and comfort with state-of-the-art water heaters

If you’re in the market for a water heater that will turn your daily showers into an indulgent treat, then Viessmann’s latest Matt Black Series is just what you need.

Arriving in a sleek and stylish matt black colour, a modern shower head, and a space-efficient build that exudes contemporary flair, the Vitowell easy Premium (Matt Black) instant water heater is a shoo-in for your bathroom.

It offers a premium perk that you will love: an electronic temperature system to provide you with constant temperature control and an LED ring that changes colour so you can visualise exactly how hot your water is when showering. And if you’re a little forgetful, the scalding protection feature ensures water heating shuts down at 55°C.

To ensure the quality and durability of all its products, including the Vitowell easy Premium instant water heater range, Viessmann uses ABS casing for high durability and a longer heater lifespan. 

Instant water heaters for your–and the whole family’s–peace of mind

When you’re a parent, peace at home doesn’t come too often, and the time you have for yourself happens only when you’re in the bathroom. This is exactly why investing in good bathroom fixtures such as the Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set (Matt Black) instant water heater is a must. 

We all need to treat ourselves sometimes – especially if you’ve got little ones running around – and this premium set promises a shower experience like you’ve never had before, one you can look forward to every day. Aside from its mechanical ELCB safety switch, it has a DC silent pump that delivers great water pressure. 

But of course, the family is in for a treat, too! With a high-end duo shower system, you and your little ones can recreate and relive moments of bathing in the rain at home with the high-performance rain shower or indulge in a soothing shower experience with the classic multi-spray shower head. There’s even a super convenient tub spout that’s perfect for rinsing your feet after a long day out.

This premium set also includes a controlled temperature system, an LED ring, and, of course, Viessmann’s anti-scalding protection. 

Comfort for the entire household

Have you ever wished for the luxury of washing your hands in warm, running water? If space permits and perfectly tempered water for the entire home is your priority, then storage water heaters would be your best bet. 

The Vitowell comfort electric storage water heater range is an investment that will stand the test of time as it is fitted with the Ceratech Technology®. This guarantees maximum corrosion resistance of the water tank and is splash-waterproof. A thick layer of high-density PU insulation also ensures that the temperature of the heated water is preserved for a long time, even after the heater has been switched off.

Available in Classic, Premium, and Deluxe variants, all are sure to impress with their focus on maximum comfort and efficiency.

Vitowell comfort Deluxe even comes with a handy timer feature that lets you set two daily times for the heater to kick in. At these pre-set times, water in storage will be heated to your preferred temperature so you’ll have hot water available at your convenience. 

Looking for something to fit snugly and elegantly in a tight space? The Vitowell comfort Classic is also available in a slim variation, ensuring it seamlessly blends into any household decor and fits perfectly in confined spaces.

Ready to elevate your lifestyle and experience the epitome of modern living? Visit to learn more about their comprehensive range of products. Your bathroom and your home deserve nothing less than the best.

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