LEGO Group Launches Play Unstoppable Campaign: Empowering Girls Brick by Brick - Alvinology

LEGO Group Launches Play Unstoppable Campaign: Empowering Girls Brick by Brick

The LEGO Group has unveiled its groundbreaking Play Unstoppable campaign, aiming to empower girls to explore and express their creativity freely. This initiative comes in response to global research revealing that young girls often face societal pressure to achieve perfection, hindering their creative confidence.

In collaboration with parenting researcher Jennifer B Wallace, The LEGO Group conducted its Play Well 2024 Research, surveying over 61,500 parents and children aged 5 to 12 across 36 countries, including Singapore. The study delved into factors impacting children’s creative confidence, highlighting the influence of language and the fear of failure.

LEGO Group Launches Play Unstoppable Campaign: Empowering Girls Brick by Brick - Alvinology

The findings shed light on the challenges young girls encounter in nurturing their creative abilities. Despite an initial confidence in their creativity, girls as young as five often face a decline in creative confidence as they grow older. Societal pressures, including the fear of making mistakes and the expectation of perfection, contribute to this decline, with language playing a significant role in reinforcing these notions.

To address these challenges, The LEGO Group has developed a ’10 Steps to Fostering Creative Confidence’ parenting guide in collaboration with Jennifer B Wallace. This guide offers practical tips for parents to encourage creativity in their children, emphasizing the importance of language choices in nurturing creative confidence.

LEGO play emerges as a powerful tool in fostering creative confidence among girls, with 90% valuing the LEGO System in Play as a means to experiment. Specifically in Singapore, where 822 children were surveyed, LEGO play was found to help girls overcome fear of mistakes (93%), boost confidence in their creative skills (95%), and reinforce the idea that progress is more important than perfection (92%).

The LEGO Group’s Play Unstoppable campaign aims to liberate girls from the pressures of perfection through creative play. With an expanded portfolio catering to diverse interests, young girls can explore endless possibilities across various themes, including LEGO Friends, Disney Princess, Creator, Classic, DREAMZzz, Harry Potter, Minecraft, Gabby’s Dollhouse, and the all-new Animal Crossing theme.

New sets introduced this year include the LEGO Friends Vintage Fashion Store, Disney Princess Market Adventure, LEGO Creator Tropical Ukulele, and LEGO DREAMZzz Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl. Additionally, children can customize their own Animal Crossing world with the LEGO Animal Crossing Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House set.

To further engage families, The LEGO Group invites them to embark on an adventure at VivoCity from March 11 to 17. Participants can build their creative storyland, assist LEGO Friends Paisley and Olly in finding missing items, and enjoy immersive photo opportunities. Exclusive discounts and rewards are also available for shoppers during this event.

The LEGO sets are available across various platforms, including LEGO Certified Stores, LEGO Official Store on Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, and major retailers and department stores in Singapore.

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