Lauded as a breakthrough in technology, the Fitbit Alta HR combines the benefits of PurePulse heart rate technology, automatic exercise recognition, sleep tracking, a battery life of up to seven days, and smart notifications. All these compressed into the world’s slimmest wrist-based, continuous heart tracking device.

Sleep Stages, powered by PurePulse, automatically tracks your time in light, deep, and REM sleep to help you better understand your sleep quality as well as provide customised tips for better sleep.

As with most of the previous offerings, the Fitbit Alta HR automatically tracks steps, distance, calories burnt, active minutes, and hourly activity.

Here are three of my favourite features on the Fitbit Alta:

Reminder to Move

Most adults with a desk-bound job would be familiar with the problem of being sedentary for too long. Cues Fitbit. The Alta Hr will vibrate to remind you to reach an hourly goal of 250 steps. Because it’s so comfortable and barely there, I was slightly shocked when I got the vibrations the first week of using my Alta HR. It’s a good initiative though and ensures timely pantry/toilet breaks you didn’t know you needed. 😉

Smartphone notifications

This feature is especially useful when you’re in the middle of a finger-licking good meal (think chilli crab, buffalo wings, burgers…) and handling your beloved iPhone is simply not an option. Calls, texts, and calendar notifications pop up on the display of your Alta HR — and you get to decide which one warrants picking up the phone

Interchangeable bands

This one is not exactly functional, but I love it. Tailor your look to reflect exactly what you’re feeling today. Whether you’re headed for an intense workout or a girls’ night out, the versatile Alta HR tracker has got you covered style-wise. Take your pick from the classic black, fuchsia, or coral colours, or up your game with the Special Edition trackers in a soft pink classic band with 22k rose gold plated tracker. For when certain nights call for some amount of atas, opt for the luxe stainless steel bracelet that can be stacked with your other jewellery.

All in all, the new Fitbit Alta HR with its comprehensive advances provides users with actionable insights and guidance from within the Fitbit app to make informed decisions about our health and stay motivated to reach our wellness goals in style. As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

The Alta HR is now available in stores.