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Bumble Partners with AWARE: Empowering Women’s Safety in Online Dating

In the ever-evolving world of online dating, Bumble has been a pioneer in shifting the power dynamics by giving women control over their dating experiences. Now, they’re taking another significant step towards creating a safer and more empowering environment for their community. Bumble has announced a groundbreaking partnership with AWARE, Singapore’s leading women’s rights and gender equality advocacy group. This partnership is not just about fostering connections but also about protecting and supporting users.

Empowering AWARE for a Safer Bumble Community

Under this impactful partnership, AWARE, a non-government organization dedicated to championing women’s rights and combating gender-based discrimination, will collaborate with Bumble to enhance user safety. AWARE’s expertise in addressing issues like sexual violence and technology-facilitated abuse, such as discrimination and hate speech, aligns perfectly with Bumble’s commitment to fostering a safe dating space.

Bumble Partners with AWARE: Empowering Women's Safety in Online Dating - Alvinology

The Reporting Pathway: A Safer Bumble Experience

One of the key elements of this partnership is the establishment of a reporting pathway. AWARE will be integrated into a platform that provides a direct line of communication to Bumble’s dedicated Member Safety team. This pathway will allow AWARE and other partner organizations to report potentially harmful or dangerous individuals on the Bumble platform.

When individuals flagged by these organizations are identified as attempting to use the app, Bumble will issue warnings or, in severe cases, remove their profiles from the platform. This reporting mechanism is powered by Kodex, a secure information sharing portal that Bumble already uses for communication with law enforcement agencies worldwide. It’s important to note that this tip line is separate from any law enforcement communications.

Mitigating the Burden on Victim-Survivors

The core objective of this partnership is to reduce the burden placed on victim-survivors when reporting harmful incidents. By enabling NGOs and charitable organizations like AWARE to proactively address potential threats, Bumble aims to create a safer environment for all users. While this reporting process is open to partner organizations, individuals can still report dangerous or harmful individuals directly through the in-app reporting system, an online contact form, or the social support function.

Bumble’s Ongoing Commitment to Safety

Throughout 2023, Bumble has been intensifying its efforts to enhance user safety. The app recently relaunched its Safety and Wellbeing Centre, featuring resource hubs on various themes, including consent, romance scams, harmful behavior, safety advice for in-person dates, dealing with mental exhaustion, and overcoming feelings of rejection. The Safety and Wellbeing Centre also includes a comprehensive Safety Handbook.

To ensure a secure online dating experience, Bumble has introduced innovative safety features like the Private Detector, which automatically blurs explicit images, and the Block and Report function, empowering women to address uncomfortable situations.

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