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9 Outdoor Upgrades That Make Your Home More Valuable

It’s a common objective among homeowners to maximise their property value. Given that our homes are mostly significant investments, it’s only logical that we aim to extract as much value as possible from them. There are various ways to elevate your property’s worth, but not all methods are equally effective. Some improvements like adding cedar brackets for instance, yield a higher return on investment than others. If you’re keen on enhancing your home’s value, here are nine outdoor upgrades to consider for your property:

Install New Lighting

The right selection of lighting can greatly elevate the atmosphere of a house. While its full effect is only perceived at night, it can drastically change the overall mood of your property. Outdoor path lighting is excellent at emphasizing your home’s architecture, ground lights can focus on sizable plants or trees, and porch lights give off a welcoming radiance around the front door. Remember to light up the surroundings of your home’s address sign and gate area, as this aids in guiding visitors and guests.

Obtain a Comfortable Deck

If the idea of setting up an outdoor kitchen seems too daunting, you might want to contemplate constructing a deck. Many people view decks as essential outdoor enhancements. Being an extra fabricated structure, they will impress any real estate agent or professional surveyor. Decks provide a comfortable space for relaxation and socializing with family and friends. They can serve as the perfect spot for grilling and enjoying BBQ afternoons.

Even when you crave solitude, a deck equipped with comfy outdoor chairs or a hammock can be your sanctuary. Whether you wish to sunbathe, enjoy a good book, or just enjoy a cup of coffee while starting your day or unwind after a hectic one, a deck offers the perfect setting.

Design a Living Area Outdoors

Today’s homebuyers are searching for more than just attractive gardens, although they certainly add appeal. They’re seeking outdoor spaces that mirror the comfort of indoor living. Features such as outdoor kitchens, pergolas, swimming pools, and fireplaces or pits are becoming increasingly popular. 

There’s a growing trend for outdoor living rooms too, equipped with cozy furniture and flat-screen TVs. The aim is to enjoy nature’s beauty while experiencing all the conveniences of indoor living. If you’re considering a major renovation to your yard, incorporating an outdoor living space could significantly enhance your property’s value and impress potential buyers. However, be cautious, with such an upgrade, you might be so captivated by your own home that you choose not to sell it in the end!

Privacy Fence

Relaxing outdoors can be a fantastic stress-buster, but no homeowner wants their neighbors to have an unobstructed view of their space. Integrating a privacy fence can offer an added level of security and comfort. However, don’t be under the impression that it will take away from the attractiveness of your area. You’re not just limited to wooden fencing materials; smart landscaping can include climbing plants to ensure privacy while maintaining a natural ambiance.

Enhance Your Doors and Windows

Making enhancements that delight you and increase your home’s value over time are crucial selling points. Renovations to windows and doors fall into this bracket and are a worthy investment. You can significantly boost your home’s worth by installing double-glazed, energy-efficient windows that prevent harmful UV rays and reduce air leakage.

Before listing your house for sale, consider having an inspector evaluate your exterior doors and windows to determine if replacements are necessary. If your residence is in an area susceptible to extreme temperatures, be it hot or cold, prioritizing these factors is essential.

Improve Your Front Yard’s Visual Appeal

The initial perception can be a game changer in any deal. A well-maintained, clutter-free front yard can immediately shift someone’s viewpoint in a positive direction, which is why many homeowners associations dictate the regulations for front yard landscaping. 

Keeping hedges neatly trimmed, trees well-shaped, and the area free from debris is an excellent starting point, along with maintaining a neat lawn as previously discussed. The concept of curb appeal also extends to modifications around the house’s exterior. Swapping an outdated garage door for a moderately priced one and installing a robust steel front door are investments that offer significant returns.

Revamp Your Exterior Leisure Zone

Boosting your home’s value can be achieved by expanding or incorporating outdoor dining and entertainment areas. Your front veranda, back lanai, and garden become the main attractions when entertaining friends and relatives.

Keep these spaces enticing with well-kept garden furniture and fresh cushions in bright summer colors. A neat and well-trimmed lawn is also important. Enhancing these outdoor areas with features like hanging shrubs in planters, flowers in table vases, and potted plants are straightforward ways to increase their appeal and value.

Match Your Landscaping with the Style of Your Home

Regardless of the extent of the changes you make, it’s essential to ensure that your landscaping complements your home’s style for a unified design. The aesthetic of your home should transition smoothly into your yard, with colors, textures, and design lines that meld together beautifully. 

For instance, if your house predominantly features serene neutral hues, these colors could be reflected in your garden and outdoor furniture. Similarly, if your decor includes wood or stone elements, these materials could be mirrored in your patio, pathways, and other outdoor features.

Establish a Distinct Entrance

While many residences offer numerous entry points, those with a distinct focal point are particularly noticeable. Greet your visitors with a luxury aluminum outdoor sectional where you can all relax in the summer while watching the kids play in the street. Choose an exciting new shade for your entrance or have your house number visible close to the door and install a doorbell. If you have the funds available, consider adding a porch or veranda to provide an attractive outdoor area to relax and welcome your neighbors.


No matter what type of home upgrade you decide on, whether it’s a DIY or professionally handled project, it’s vital to be prudent about return on investment and expenditure. Be aware of your financial limit and stick to it. If your current funds are insufficient for the project, consider postponing until you’ve saved more or opt for a different project that falls within your budget.

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