Unlock Timeless Beauty with Lancôme x Louvre 2023: A Match Made in Artistic Heaven! - Alvinology

Unlock Timeless Beauty with Lancôme x Louvre 2023: A Match Made in Artistic Heaven!

When the worlds of beauty and art collide, magic happens. Imagine the most iconic museum in the world, the Louvre, partnering with the renowned French beauty brand Lancôme, and you’ve got yourself a collaboration that transcends time and redefines beauty.

A Journey Through Art & Beauty

Embark on a creative odyssey through centuries of art history at the Louvre as you seek the essence of beauty. This universal museum is a melting pot of cultures that have shaped identities throughout history. It serves as an inspirational haven, inviting us to contemplate how beauty takes form in our modern world.

Unlock Timeless Beauty with Lancôme x Louvre 2023: A Match Made in Artistic Heaven! - Alvinology

Lancôme x Louvre: Where Beauty Meets Art

Prepare to be captivated by the dynamic interplay between art and beauty as they weave stories of women that resonate across eras, geographies, and cultures. Lancôme x Louvre: Beauty is a living art. In this captivating campaign, Lancôme global ambassadors, including Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Aya Nakamura, and model He Cong, take center stage. They pay homage to women who blazed trails in the past, their likenesses forever etched in stone, alongside today’s trailblazers who continue to make waves. Beauty is indeed a living art!

A Global Showcase of Beauty

This powerful campaign is set to sweep across the globe from September, gracing your screens, digital platforms, and even outdoor spaces. Lancôme is here to remind us that behind every goddess lies immense strength, resilience, and magnetic allure. It’s time to unleash your inner goddess!

Lancôme x Louvre 2023 Limited Edition Collection

From the mesmerizing illumination of the Richelieu wing at Musée du Louvre to the smooth marble and stone sculptures meticulously chosen for this collaboration, Lancôme has crafted a collection that not only celebrates the powerful stories of these goddesses but also pays homage to the famed Richelieu Gallery as a work of art itself.

Art, Reinterpreted by Beauty

Six statuesque editions await your indulgence, each as captivating as the next, showcasing the essence of female divinity. Dive into the world of eyes, lips, and skin as Lancôme offers you a curated selection that embodies beauty at its core.

For Mesmerizing Eyes

The Richelieu Wing Palette for eyes draws inspiration from the Greek poetess Corine, from the 5th century BC. This organic and poetic palette mirrors the enchanting light of the Richelieu Gallery. With heightened color impact and shimmer, your eyes will captivate hearts and tell stories of their own.

For Luscious Lips

Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge collection narrates mythical tales of antiquity and celebrates your inner strength and beauty. Inspired by the art pieces within the museum, this collection unveils three captivating shades:

  • L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in shade 200 French Drama
  • L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in shade 274 French Tea
  • L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in shade 196 French Touch

Each shade has a unique story to tell, making your lips a canvas of timeless beauty.

For Radiant Skin

Representing health and wellbeing, the Goddess Hygie inspires the Lancôme x Louvre limited edition of Génifique. This iconic serum combines the art of skincare with the essence of the goddess, offering a formula that restores skin radiance and vitality. Say hello to healthier, glowing skin!

Get Your Hands on the Collection

The Lancôme x Louvre Collection will be available at Lancôme’s E-Boutique official website from 25 September and at Lancôme counters in department stores from 2 October. Don’t miss the chance to embrace beauty that transcends time and artistry that leaves a lasting impression!

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