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Here’s How to Upgrade to iPhone 15 with Ease – Singtel Bring it Back

As the tech world buzzes with excitement over the new iPhone 15, Singtel is making waves of its own with a groundbreaking offer that’s set to redefine the way we upgrade our smartphones. Say hello to “Bring it Back” – a game-changing initiative that promises to be the easiest and most affordable way for consumers to stay at the forefront of iPhone technology, without the burden of any upfront payment.

Here's How to Upgrade to iPhone 15 with Ease - Singtel Bring it Back - Alvinology
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The Breakdown of Bring it Back

So, how does Bring it Back work? It’s a simple and customer-centric approach that empowers users to embrace the latest iPhone model every year without any financial hurdles. Here’s a breakdown:

No Upfront Payment: With Bring it Back, there’s no need to dig deep into your pockets for an initial payment when you snag the new iPhone 15. Say goodbye to hefty upfront costs.

Monthly Payment Blocks: Instead of a daunting upfront expense, your payments are distributed into smaller, more manageable monthly blocks. This ensures that you can enjoy the cutting-edge iPhone 15 without breaking the bank.

MobileSwop Device Care: Singtel sweetens the deal by incorporating its MobileSwop device care service into Bring it Back. This service helps safeguard the value of your iPhone in case of any accidental mishaps, providing you with added peace of mind.

Trade-In Value: After a mere 12 months of using your iPhone 15, you have the option to bring it back to Singtel. What’s fantastic is that Singtel guarantees a trade-in value of 50% of the original phone price. This eliminates the hassle and uncertainty of selling your device on secondary market platforms. The trade-in value you receive can then be used to offset your upgrade to the latest iPhone model – all with a seamless transition and a grand total of S$0 upfront cost.

Flexibility: Bring it Back offers flexibility. If you’ve grown fond of your iPhone 15 or just aren’t ready to part with it, you can choose to keep it by continuing to pay its monthly instalments.

Availability and Accessibility

Bring it Back is available to all existing and new Singtel SIM-only customers who purchase the iPhone 15. This fantastic offer is up for grabs from now until 31 December 2023.

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