Majority of Singaporean Singles have Ghosted Someone or have been Ghosted and here’s why - - Alvinology

Majority of Singaporean Singles have Ghosted Someone or have been Ghosted and here’s why –

Bumble, the women-first dating app, announces the findings of its nationwide Methodology of Survey conducted online from 5 -16 August 2022 on ghosting experience by 1,001 single Gen Z and Millennials in Singapore.

The survey found out that:

  • 57% of respondents have ghosted someone
  • 61% have been ghosted before.
  • 73% were ghosted after a few text messages were exchanged

According to the survey, individuals that ghosted said they did so due to:

  • not feeling a connection (56%)
  • being busy (43%)
  • wanting to avoid the awkward conversation of closing off the relationship (37%)

Both women (58%) and men (53%) cited the lack of connection as their main reason for ghosting – and women (55%) are significantly more likely than men (30%) to ghost someone if their date did or said something that turned them off.

However, 65% of respondents do not think ghosting is a suitable way to end relationships. Those who have been ghosted indicated, when it comes to dating, they become:

  • discouraged (42%)
  • less confident (38%)
  • wary (34%)

In particular, men (44%) are more likely than women (30%) to feel less confident in their approach to dating.

When it comes to generational differences in attitudes towards ghosting, Gen Zs have a stronger anti-ghosting stance, with 69% believing ghosting is an inappropriate action. Conversely, Millennials (60%) are more likely than Gen Zs (51%) to ghost someone due to a lack of connection, and 38% of Millennials believe ghosting is a normal phenomenon compared to just 20% of Gen Zs.

Majority of Singaporean Singles have Ghosted Someone or have been Ghosted and here’s why - - Alvinology

If you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of ghosting, it’s time to double down on self-care, and develop some new tactics that will help you recuperate, get back to feeling yourself, and become brave enough to get out there again – only once you’re ready. Here are some tips:

Feel the feelings

When fresh off a ghosting, the best thing you can do for yourself is to allow yourself to feel all the things. Don’t fight the disappointment, confusion, and sadness. There’s no reason to judge yourself for having these emotions. In fact, if you acknowledge them and let them naturally move through your thought patterns (try journaling as a tool), it’s more likely you’ll process the bummer of an experience fully and more quickly.

Don’t try to figure it out

Honestly, you’ll never know what happened, so don’t torture yourself by replaying everything you said that may have resulted in a ghosting. Let us say this loud and clear: you didn’t do anything to cause this. You are not responsible for anyone else’s actions. You deserve better and you can absolutely get it.

Treat yourself

Love a good bath? Would rather stay in on Friday and watch a movie than go out? Is there a coffee shop that serves $9 pour overs that are your guilty pleasure? A book you’ve been meaning to read? Whatever feels good and nurtures you deep down, do it without hesitation. This time will pass, but if you need a little something to lean on, go for it.

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