OPPO introduces new Global Community and Service Week to enhance its connection with its global userbase - Alvinology

OPPO introduces new Global Community and Service Week to enhance its connection with its global userbase

To mark its 18th anniversary, OPPO will launch the OPPO Global Community and OPPO Inspiring Service Week to deepen its connection with users and improve their user experience. The brand also released a documentary series telling the stories of OPPO employees and the inspiration behind their work.

OPPO Global Community

The OPPO Global Community has been created to provide an inclusive and open ecosystem for you to engage, interact, and share with OPPO and with other OPPO users over the long term.

OPPO introduces new Global Community and Service Week to enhance its connection with its global userbase - Alvinology

The Community will also act as a hub for a number of different programs such as:

  • OPPO Product Ambassadors Program – providing you with opportunities to experience OPPO’s latest products and innovations before anyone else
  • O-Chat Open Forum – where you can discuss OPPO products and technologies freely
  • OPPO Life Setter – where you can share your own life stories to help inspire others

Through the OPPO Global Community, you will be given more intuitive and convenient access to information and updates about OPPO and OPPO activities. It will also serve as a channel for in-depth communications with OPPO technical experts about their experiences with, and insights into, OPPO products and services.

The Community will also provide OPPO with a more effective channel to communicate with users directly, receive practical feedback on products and services, and further understand the needs of users worldwide.

OPPO Inspiring Service Week

The OPPO Service Center operates more than 2,500 service sites worldwide, each of which is committed to providing high-quality expertise and trusted services to customers so that you can enjoy the full benefits of OPPO technologies and products.

OPPO introduces new Global Community and Service Week to enhance its connection with its global userbase - Alvinology

From the 10th to the 12th of each month, OPPO offers exclusive benefits as part of OPPO Service Day at over 900 Service Centers in 24 countries and regions. Offers include discounts on repair services, free disinfection services, and more.

OPPO Service Day has been upgraded to OPPO Inspiring Service Week in over 320 Service Centers across 21 countries and regions in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. During the OPPO Inspiring Service Week, those visiting OPPO Service Centers will enjoy 10% discounts on smartphone maintenance and phone accessories, as well as free labour costs, software upgrades and free phone disinfection service.

OPPO will also offer special drinks for customers, providing more convenient, comprehensive, and thoughtful services.

Documentary Series

OPPO also releases a Series of Documentaries telling the story of employees together with OPPO’s growth from their own perspectives.

OPPO introduces new Global Community and Service Week to enhance its connection with its global userbase - Alvinology

In one documentary, Saritha Bandaru, Principal Engineer of Camera Innovation in OPPO India R&D, discusses how she identified local user needs from Indian culture and customers and led her team to develop an image algorithm that provides beautification without removing the Bindi worn by Hindu women. Li Hong, a Senior Sound Designer at OPPO, talks of being inspired by his daily life experiences to create the Sounds of Cities feature in O-Relax and help people relax through the beauty of sound. Cheng Sheng, Senior Product Manager for Advanced Technology at OPPO Research Institute, shares details of how she explored cutting-edge technologies while working on a robotic dog project with her team. Dan Amariei, Head of Retail for OPPO AED Romania, discusses leading his team through the difficulties of the covid pandemic and successfully bringing OPPO to Romania.

Despite their different backgrounds and origins, all OPPO employees share the same passion for discovering unmet user needs and searching for new ways to deliver innovation. Through their shared belief in OPPO’s brand proposition “Inspiration Ahead”, they have shown the strength of character to face all challenges with a calm and optimistic mindset. By constantly optimising every detail of OPPO products and services, they have brought the benefits of technology to more global users.

Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World

In addition to providing great products and services over the past 18 years, OPPO has also played an active role in undertaking its corporate social responsibility. Guided by the mission of “Technology for mankind, Kindness for the world”, OPPO is making long-term investments in four key areas, including environment protection, youth empowerment, digital inclusion, and health and wellbeing:

Environmental Protection

OPPO has been committed to integrating the concept of sustainability into the entire lifecycle of its products. Apart from reducing the plastics used in the packaging, OPPO also strives to improve the lifespan and durability of its products. Among these initiatives, OPPO’s self-developed Battery Health Engine (BHE) helps smartphone batteries maintain more than 80% of their original capacity after as many as 1,600 charge-discharge cycles, which is twice the industry average.

Youth Empowerment

OPPO Renovators Emerging Artists Program has been running for four consecutive years to encourage young creators to unleash their creativity and imagine the future of technology through art.

Digital Inclusion

OPPO believes in the virtue of technology and is committed to improve the product design for accessibility and the elders, to cater to the diverse needs of different groups. OPPO was one of the first to identify those with Colour Vision Deficiency and introduce the Colour Vision Enhancement feature, which offers up to 766 display profiles to help them enjoy a more precise colour display.

Health and Wellbeing

Launched by OPPO Health Lab, OPPO Health Research Kit includes a full suite of tools to help healthcare professionals collect and analyse data, making health research easier. OPPO also cares about the mental health of its users and introduced the O Relax application, which includes a series of relaxation sounds and games to help users relax in a fun way.

Earlier this year, OPPO also launched the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator to empower technology professionals and entrepreneurs to bring their innovations to life. With the theme of ‘Virtuous Innovation’, the program sought proposals related to the two subjects of Accessible Technology and Digital Health. This year, OPPO has received 536 proposals from 39 countries and regions, and the top 10 winning proposals were awarded grants of around USD $46,000 each, as well as further opportunities for investment, technological support, research, commercial partnerships, and global promotion from OPPO and its partners.

Inspiration Ahead

OPPO introduces new Global Community and Service Week to enhance its connection with its global userbase - Alvinology

Looking to the future with “Inspiration Ahead”, OPPO will continue to evolve its brand and business to deliver more value for both consumers and society. On the business side, OPPO will focus on the four key future directions of smart learning, smart productivity, smart entertainment, and smart healthcare, as it continues to develop user-centric innovations and create a more intelligent living for its users worldwide.

At the same time, OPPO will continue to invest in its sustainable development, empowering global users with greater confidence and optimism while working to build a better future for all.

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