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[Review] Waga Waga Den – hidden cafe at South Beach towers serving up picture-worthy cloud coffee and more

Waga Waga Den is a Japanese-inspired cafe with a zen, monochrome style. Walking in you’ll be greeted with grey tones illuminated by the light shining into the glasshouse. This stylish third-wave coffee bar is the latest concept from Black Carvery Group that Black Cow and Shatoburian are under. 

Curated from the excess food from their sister establishments, the seasonal menu at Waga Waga Den is an innovative way to give the food a new life and reduce wastage. This ties back to the Japanese concept of “Mottainai” which is about respecting resources, recognising their value and not wasting them. 

The pastries offered are seasonal and you may be surprised each visit. When we visited, there was the tantalising Pineapple custard Kouign Amann and Charcoal Azuki Mochi bun amongst other items.

Waga Waga Den takes pride in their house blend coffee, a mix of single-origin Brazilian and Guatemalan beans. Their signature Cloud Coffee ($8) showcases the flavours of the beans perfectly. The subtle acidity is balanced by a mix of malt, chocolate and apple notes, making for a refreshing drink.

In fact, they work with Singapore roaster 2* North Coffee Co. to produce the beans that are roasted upon arriving in Singapore to maximise freshness. And they even work directly with the farmers to ensure fair trade, highlighting the farm-table concept.

For the tea lovers, they also offer Matcha Latte ($8) and Hojicha Cold brew ($7). Both of which have hints of floral notes and a subtle bittersweetness. The matcha latte paired with the smooth, unsweetened oat milk brought out the sweetness of the matcha. Sugar can be added on request.

These gel well with the freshly-made Warabi Mochi ($8), which melts in the mouth. The earthy kinako (soybean powder) and the sugar syrup added a light touch of roasted fragrance and sweetness, tying everything together.

Overall, Waga Waga Den is a perfect place to hang out and have snacks. Their zen aesthetic and thoughtfully sourced and curated foods and beverages add to the overall experience. 

More information about Waga Waga Den can be found on their Instagram here.

Waga Waga Den 

Address: 38 Beach Rd, #01-14 South Beach Tower, Singapore 189767

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday, 8.30am to 3.30pm

Saturday, 8.30am to 4.30pm

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