Embrace Your Wild Side with UNO's new All Wild Card Deck - Alvinology

Embrace Your Wild Side with UNO’s new All Wild Card Deck

Can’t get enough of Wild Cards when you are playing the classic UNO card game?

Mattel, Inc recently announced the launch of their UNO All Wild Card Deck. Consisting of only wild cards, this unpredictable and creative deck puts a new spin on the game night classic.

Embrace Your Wild Side with UNO's new All Wild Card Deck - Alvinology

First introduced in 1971, UNO was created for families to spend precious time together. Five decades on, UNO remains a household staple by bringing friends and families together through immersive experiences. UNO is now available in over 80 countries with various innovative card-based and digital games.

“This exciting twist on the traditional UNO card game is yet another milestone on our innovation journey. It is a testament to our brand purpose of becoming more inclusive,” shared Ray Adler, Global Head of Games, Mattel, Inc.

“As the number one card game in the world, UNO has transcended time, language, culture and age, and has since evolved into the cultural phenomenon it is today. Riding on the momentum from UNO’s 50th Anniversary last year, the brand combines current insights, trends and meme culture to bring our consumers fresh ways of playing the game.”

Go Wild or Go Home

Embrace Your Wild Side with UNO's new All Wild Card Deck - Alvinology

Ready to take your game night up a notch?

Unlike regular UNO card games, the UNO All Wild variation does away with the usual coloured and numbered cards. While there is no matching of number or colour like regular UNO, it is definitely not as easy as it sounds.

Players are dealt a hand from a deck of 112 cards.

Taking turns, players play Skip, Double-Skip, Draw, Targeted Draw, Reverse and Hand Swap cards until they get rid of all their cards.

Watch the gameplay enactment here:

We tried it out and found this edition as addictive as it is exhilarating compared to the regular UNO Card Decks. It takes a while to get used to the format of the All Wild cards, but once you get the hang of it, it brings just as much fun, despite the different gameplay.

The UNO All Wild Card Deck will make an excellent gift for players 7 years and older. Given that most family with young kids would likely have a set of the usual UNO cards lying around somewhere, this differentiated set would be a nice addition.

UNO Promotions

All other range of UNO cards including the new UNO All Wil card deck – priced at S$11.90, are available at all Toys’R’Us stores, leading departmental stores, Popular Bookstores, OG stores, Mattel Official Shopee Mall and Lazada Mall.

Embrace Your Wild Side with UNO's new All Wild Card Deck - Alvinology

For a limited time only, UNO fans can redeem an UNO All Wild Limited Edition Pouch with a minimum purchase of S$40 on Mattel games.

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