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[New] JU Signatures at Serangoon gardens helmed by top chinese restaurant chef, offers IG-worthy dim sum from $4.20+

Situated within Serangoon Gardens, JU Signatures offers authentic, handmade dim sum. JU comes from the Chinese word 聚 which means ‘to gather’. It ties to their philosophy of connecting people over their food.

Walking in, you’ll be greeted with a warm and contemporary interior. It redefines how restaurant-quality dim sum can be enjoyed in a more casual and modern setting.

They serve up a variety of unique and classic dishes, from Phoenix Siew Mai to Chilli Crab with a twist. Every dish had a special element making them not only Instagram-worthy but also adds a nice flair.


First, JU Treasures Trio: Har Gao Gems ($7.80). Each har gao gem had a different filling. My personal favourite was the pink one. The bright pink colour comes from beetroot and it’s filled with prawns and garoupa fish. I found this to be the most satisfying and refreshing especially with the added veggies.

Butterfly pea flower is used to give a brilliant blue colour. The flavours for the blue one are milder which allows the natural sweetness of crab to shine through along with the prawns. The white one is the classic version of har gao, packed with juicy prawns. 

The most unique of all, Wok-fried Chilli Crab In Mantou Tureen with a Lid ($8.80). I loved that this was a very interactive and innovative dish, even having a little knob on the lid. It wasn’t too spicy and had more tomato flavours, making it a great choice for kids as well!

Bread-style bowls tend to get soggy, however, this did not happen at all! Since the mantou is fried, it remains nice and soft even at the bottom. Do note that to create the shape, the dough is denser than the usual mantou. Nonetheless, it’s still equally delicious!

Another one of my favourites, Yuan Yang Love Swans with Golden ‘Lychee’ Ball ($10.80). The golden swan is essentially chicken and mushroom in a savoury sauce encased within a crispy taro puff. It’s a classic and also my favourite of the three.

If you like salted egg and mochi, the black swan is perfect! The sweet mochi complements the savoury salted egg. The mochi is more sticky than chewy and contrasts the crispy exterior.

Ingeniously made to look like lychee, the lychee ball is actually prawn filling with a keropok exterior. Eating this in one bite is a burst of flavours! It’s extremely succulent and crispy.

Not to forget the aptly named Quintessential Four ($10.80). This features 4 classic dishes.

Siew mai is an absolute must when ordering dim sum. Their Phoenix Siew Mai is with ebiko, giving it an extra pop of flavour. There’s even a whole piece of prawn in this siew mai!

Salted egg fans, Lavalicious Orh-Nee Salted Egg Sesame Ball is another salted egg dish! I liked that the earthy notes of the yam brought out the salted egg taste much more. Plus, the fragrance is elevated by the sesame seed coating.

A vegetarian option is JU 6-Mushroom Vegetarian Pau. Filled with six different mushrooms, from shiitake to abalone mushroom, it is a guarantee that this is extra wholesome! The bao itself was super fluffy and within is a bite of umami flavours.

Lastly, Crisp-fried Pork and Chives Dumpling in California Roll style. I really adored the eye-catching presentation of this. The crispy wing of the dumpling looked like a skyscraper and elevated the otherwise humble-looking dumpling. The dumpling filling was refreshingly rich, especially with the chives.

The Signature Duo Platter: Baked Orh Nee Tart with Gingko Nut & Chilled Soursop Delight ($9.80) is a must-try! One of the best orh nee tarts I’ve tried, it’s smooth and not cloying. Taste-wise, the sweetness is perfectly balanced with the flaky tart.

At first glance, the soursop delight looks creamy but it isn’t at all! It’s actually super refreshing and it gets its creamy look from the soursop juice. The fun popping boba and tangy cuts of fruits is a great way to end the meal.

Dim Sum (fried)

There’s also Pan-fried Carrot Cake ($5.20 for 3pcs). I highly suggest getting this because there are a lot of radish chunks within the soft and bouncy cake. The edges are fried to crispy perfection too!

Crisp-fried Prawn Roll with Banana ($5.20 for 3 pcs) is a lighter option. The banana is more on the chunky side and gelled surprisingly well with the fresh prawns. 

Golden Brown Crisp Prawn Dumplings ($5.80 for 3pcs) are perfect for wonton lovers. I loved how juicy the filling was and with the addictive crisp, just one is not enough! The fresh and bouncy prawns definitely make this a must-try as well.

Dim Sum (oven-baked and steamed)

Their freshly baked Original Bolo Pau with Butter ($4.80 for 2pcs) should definitely be on your receipt. The soft fluffy buns are topped with the crunchiest sugar coating I’ve ever had! With the butter, it’s a wholesome little treat that I would go back for.

The ever beloved liu sha bao! JU Signatures’ Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Custard Salted Egg Lava Buns ($5.80 for 3pcs), although small, are filled to the brim with salted egg. Just one bite of this will have the silky salted egg filling bursting out the other end!

Overall, JU Signatures offer quality and unique dim sum and Cantonese cuisine at affordable prices. Their extensive menu allows you to try various items, which I really like! Find out more on their website here.


Address: 4 Maju Avenue Singapore 556682 (facing myVillage)

Opening Hours: 9am to 2:30pm, (Tue to Sun)

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