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Gift Guide: Amazing List Of Faith-Filled Selections

Are you wondering what to give your religious family members and friends? With the number of inspirational gift options available on the market, deciding what is right for your loved ones can be a challenging prospect. 

Luckily, you’re in the right place. Here are a few options for you to consider when shopping for faith-based gifts.

Jewelry pieces that echo a person’s faith are a great gifting option, especially if the person you’re giving the gift to is a woman. Some common options include crucifix and cross necklaces, pendants, earrings, religious medals, and angel-related jewelry. Additionally, you can find more modern options, such as bracelets engraved with Bible verses. There are more subtle options that refer to instances from the Bible without making the meaning explicit as well. 

These subtler options are a great way for people to display their faith without making it very obvious. This is important in several contexts, including some jobs that require religious articles to be kept to a minimum.


If your loved one is Catholic or from another Christian community that uses rosaries as part of their religious practices,  you can consider getting your loved one a rosary. 

Rosaries are often gifted on significant occasions, such as a person’s first communion, as a graduation gift, or even on birthdays and Valentine’s Day. As the folks behind point out, rosaries are available in various sizes, so you can even find them in smaller and more compact options if your loved one prefers to remain inconspicuous with their faith. You can also look into rosaries made using a person’s birthstone or one that features their birthstone as part of the design for further personalization. 

Other things to consider when choosing a rosary include the material the beads are made from. Today, rosary beads can be made of precious stones, plastic, wood, or any other material you prefer. Depending on the person you are gifting the rosary to, choosing a certain material may be essential in deciding which rosary to buy.

Scripture Journal

If your loved one is currently studying the Bible, gifting them a scripture journal can be the perfect way to support them in their studies. A scripture journal serves as a way for people to take notes and reflect on a passage from the Bible alongside the passage being annotated. This allows them to better engage with what they are reading and studying.

Taking notes involves thinking each passage through and reflecting on its meaning, allowing them to build a deeper connection with the Bible and their own faith. It can also occasionally act as a direct conversation with God, and may sometimes even take the form of confession.

How a person chooses to use their scripture journal will differ from person to person – some people choose to make detailed notes on each passage they read and study, while others write out prayers, personal anecdotes, ways the passage inspires them to improve themselves, questions that the passage causes them to ask, and more. There is no one “correct” option – scripture journaling is meant to deepen a person’s connection with God, and it does not matter how that comes about.

Devotional Journal

Gift Guide: Amazing List Of Faith-Filled Selections - Alvinology

Where a scripture journal allows your loved one to understand the Bible better, a devotional journal is a good way to emphasize their faith on a daily basis. A scripture journal usually contains larger sections from the Bible and other scripture books, while a devotional journal is much more similar to a conventional journal.

However, aside from ample space in which your giftee can write and journal, the pages of this gift also include daily devotionals and smaller passages from scriptures that can serve as daily inspiration when the journal is in use.

Faith-Based Wearables

Aside from faith-based jewelry, there are a number of other faith-based wearables you can get your loved one, particularly clothes. There are numerous clothing options that feature whole passages from the Bible, display subtler religious references, or are simply designed in such a way as to be immediately recognizable to other religious people while passing as ordinary clothes to non-religious individuals.

You can choose a design and style depending on what suits your loved one’s preferences and needs the best. Make sure not to opt for something that stands out if they work in a place that frowns on overt articles of religion, though feel free to choose something more prominent if you’re buying them a piece that they can wear to a church activity.

Religious Art

As with many of the categories in this list, the options are endless when it comes to picking out religious art as a gift. You can choose reproductions of classic religious art pieces or images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Alternatively, you can opt for art pieces of significant religious figures, such as popes and saints.

Furthermore, you can also find several stunning lettered art pieces that feature quotes from the Bible or even complete passages. Aside from being available in an astonishing variety of designs, religious art is also available in numerous sizes, so you’re sure to find something that works for your loved one.

Bible Covers

There’s a good chance that their Bible is one of the most treasured possessions your loved one has, so why not provide them with a way to protect it? Bible covers are available in various designs and colors, as well as in several fabrics. Some covers even have storage space for pens and highlighters in case your giftee wants to annotate their Bible, while other sellers allow you to get them monogrammed for added personalization.

Christian Books

Christian books are available in both the fiction and non-fiction category, and if your loved one is a reader, these present the perfect option for their gift. You can find everything from a history of Christianity to biographies and autobiographies of people explaining their faith and personal journey on the non-fiction side of things.

On the fiction side, you can pick from everything from Christian romances to crime fiction tailored to a religious audience. If your giftee is looking for a book that suits their faith, you have an endless list of options to choose from!

When looking for faith-related gifts for your loved ones, remember to take your cues from them. For example, if they have frequently mentioned that jewelry isn’t for them, consider the other options on this list instead. Alternatively, if they have previously mentioned wanting a new rosary, you can confidently find them in a variety of shapes and designs to their preference.

And remember, ultimately, it’s the thought that counts when gifting friends and family!

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