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Role Reversal: How You Can Take Care of Your Grandparents

For many of us, grandparents are the embodiment of love and wisdom who assisted in our upbringing. They offered their unconditional affection and shared the stories about their past; as such, they have become irreplaceable figures in our lives, the everyday heroes that inspire us to do and be better.

Seeing your grandparents growing old with their health declining may be a painful experience. They were supposed to be strong like a mighty tree, yet time is withering their roots. In the past, they were the ones taking care of you, but now they might need your assistance. You can take care of them by enlisting help, visiting them regularly, or making their homes safe. You could also help them with daily tasks like shopping or encourage them to socialise.

The awareness of the passing time and the inevitable is simply heartbreaking, but it shouldn’t prevent you from making the most of the remaining time. Below, you can find some ideas on how to be present and show your affection and appreciation.

Consider Hiring a Caregiver

If your grandparents need someone’s help, you can hire a professional. A caregiver will provide basic assistance, allowing your grandparents to keep living in their house. They can help with cooking, cleaning and other chores, as well as play an active role in the life of your grandparents, helping them socialise and maintain their health.

If you hire a caregiver, make sure they are qualified to deal with the special needs of your grandparents; for example, a person with cognitive issues requires different help than someone with limited mobility. 

The best way to do this is by asking for personal references or checking the caregiver’s credentials. You can also use the help of an agency; it doesn’t matter if you look for help in London, Oxford, Norwich, or Brighton – all you need is a little bit of time and effort to find the perfect person.

Visit Often

Spending time with your grandparents is the best way to show them that they are important to you, so make sure to show up regularly. Of course, it’s helpful and often necessary for you to be there to help, but also, the occasional visits will remind them that they are loved and cherished. They will appreciate your company and see that they still have a place in your life.

Offer them a ride to the doctor’s office or accompany them on an errand. If you are busy or live far away and can’t visit often, call them on the phone and keep them posted on your life. Make sure to use modern technologies to schedule video calls, text and keep in touch in general. If you do visit, take a camera with you to capture memories.

Encourage Socialization

Your grandparents might not have as many opportunities to socialise as before, so help them by organising a get-together with their friends or neighbours. Having someone to talk to is essential for everyone’s mental health; it keeps us positive and happy. Bringing your grandparents together with mutual friends will also help them feel relevant and keep them connected to the world.

If you can’t organise a party, you can still encourage your grandparents to go out. Take them to the coffee shop or offer them a ride to a public event; life is always better with company!

Speak up About Your Concerns

If you notice any sudden changes in your grandparents’ behaviour or mood, speak up about your concerns. For example, if they start forgetting things more often or if they seem to be overly anxious or nervous, don’t ignore it. These signs may indicate serious health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. You should also look out for a new tendency to withdraw, especially if your grandparents are normally quite social, as well as swinging moods or decreased mobility.

In short, pay attention to any changes and consult a doctor if necessary. The sooner these conditions are diagnosed, the better as suitable treatment and care will give a person more time of independence.

Take Care of Their Home

If your grandparents are still independent but have developed a habit of living in a messy or dirty house, help them clean. Make sure the kitchen is well-equipped and that there’s no clutter in it. You can also organise the furniture and clean up the garden. If you have time, you could even paint or redecorate the place. Moreover, you could check for tripping hazards, fix broken things like doorknobs or hinges, clean the floors and walls, and make sure that the home is in good shape in general.

These changes will help your grandparents avoid potential accidents that could lead to serious injuries. If you notice that they need additional help with cleaning or yard work, consider hiring a professional service provider.

Encourage Self-Care

Make sure your grandparents are eating healthy, exercising and taking care of their health, both physical and mental. One of the best ways to do this is to provide them with a healthy diet to follow and a variety of fresh produce. Encourage your grandparents to join you on a walk or go on a bike ride. If they don’t feel like exercising, help them find a hobby that they can enjoy, such as gardening, playing cards or cooking. Involving them in an enjoyable activity will keep them active and give them something to look forward to.

Explain How Technology Works

The world is changing rapidly, and it may be difficult for seniors to keep up with the latest technologies. If your grandparents are not familiar with the internet, computers, smartphones, or tablets, show them what these things can do and how useful they can be. 

For example, you can take them to their bank’s website and let them see how easy it is to pay their bills online. You can also sit with them and help them with their email account or Facebook page. Explain why they need a smartphone and how they can use it to stay in touch, schedule an appointment, search for information… Encourage them to learn something new every day.


Although the awareness of the passing time and the inevitable is simply heartbreaking, it shouldn’t prevent you from making the most of the remaining time. You can show your grandparents that they are loved and cherished by visiting them regularly, encouraging socialisation and self-care, or taking care of their home.

More importantly, it’s essential that you understand their worries and concerns so that you can help them with tasks that they find challenging. It’s all worth the effort.

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