Re.juve to open new stores at i12 Katong and Capita Spring this December - Alvinology

Re.juve to open new stores at i12 Katong and Capita Spring this December

F&B lifestyle brand Re.juve marked its Singapore arrival in June this year with two outlets at Great World City and Jem, and will open two more stores by December 2021, with its two new stores at i12 Katong and Capita Spring.

Re.juve’s mission is to help its customers live a happier life (#LiveHappier) through delicious, healthy and honest F&B selections.

Re.juve’s cold-pressed beverages, including its fruit and vegetable juices, almond milk, elixirs and SHOTs, are made only with high-quality fresh fruits, organic vegetables, spices and almonds. Re.juve’s #CleanLabel commitment reflects its promise to be honest and transparent in disclosing every ingredient in its products.

All ingredients are always fresh and natural; no artificial sweeteners or preservatives are ever used. For Re.juve’s juices in particular, there is no added sugar or water. Re.juve uses the hydraulic press and triturating cold-pressed equipment to extract raw juices and soluble fibres while retaining the vitamins and minerals in the ingredients.

Re.juve to open new stores at i12 Katong and Capita Spring this December - Alvinology

Further, no preservatives, heat or pasteurization is used. To ensure food safety, all Re.juve beverages are processed in Ultra-Hygienic HACCP Certified True Cold-Pressed Production Facility. In this facility, all fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly with chlorinated drinkable water to kill harmful bacteria and remove unwanted substances, and thereafter rinsed 3 times with drinkable and purified Reverse Osmosis Water.

The bottled beverages are further protected with High Pressure Processing technology, which ensures that the beverages are safer to consume (thus extending the product shelf life), while ensuring that they stay fresh and their nutrients are unharmed.

Not only are Re.juve’s beverages #GOODForYou, they are also #GOODForEarth – to do its part for the environment, Re.juve uses the best-quality recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) bottles that are made from 100% food-grade recycled plastics.

In other words, Re.juve’s bottles are made from existing plastics and hence, do not add to the amount of plastic waste in circulation.

The bottles are also 100% recyclable, which helps to further reduce Re.juve’s ecological footprint.

Bestsellers include Re.juve’s Asian Green cold-pressed juice, a delicious, refreshing and healthy blend of organic spinach, organic cucumber, pineapple and apple. Asian Green helps in reducing blood pressure and maintaining healthy skin. The Turmeric Ginger cold-pressed shot, made with ginger, turmeric, green apple and lemon is also a favourite among customers – its anti-inflammatory qualities keep you refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day and its curcumin content helps to boost immunity.

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