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Reasons why many companies offer broadband promotions for businesses

It is common knowledge that Singapore has one of the world’s best and most developed infrastructures and broadband services. This is due to numerous factors such as:

Singapore’s hot and humid tropical climate creates a need for vast amounts of air-conditioning; A push for more green technologies by the government; is an island of minimal size with a small population (5 million people). This is the reason why there are many broadband promotions for business in Singapore. SingTel and StarHub supply their services to residents and companies at premium prices, but they offer extremely fast download speeds and quality service. These two companies have a duopoly on the market. TMNet, M1 Limited, and MyRepublic are the only other ISP companies in Singapore, but all of these offer significantly slower speeds than SingTel or StarHub. These companies have broadband promotions for business customers in Singapore, which include premiums on both lower prices or increased download/upload speeds.

Larger companies in Singapore or employees working in offices will benefit most from this type of service. It is much more convenient to call the ISP company and have the problem fixed than to go out to a store and fix it yourself personally. This saves not only time but also money, as people are paid by the hour in Singapore. This applies to both company employees and self-employed people working from home.

Another big reason why all of these companies offer broadband promotions for business in Singapore is because of the strict regulations imposed by the Singapore government on internet usage. For example, households are allowed 1 GB of data per month before they are charged extra for using more than that; businesses are allowed a larger allowance, but it is still extremely small for what they need. Also, the Singapore government has been pushing to have all public WiFi hotspots capable of handling at least 5 GB per month. This applies only to wireless hotspot users in cafes and coffee shops, however, the majority of residents do not have this capability on their smartphones and will need to purchase a SIM card and data plan from either SingTel or StarHub.

Reasons why many companies offer broadband promotions for businesses - Alvinology

Another reason why broadband promotions for business in Singapore are so common is that a large percentage of people rely on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market their businesses. Everyone has a smartphone these days, and the lack of WiFi hotspots makes it necessary to create home wireless access points with portable broadband devices. Since almost everyone uses the internet constantly these days, broadband promotions are the way to go when trying to save money.

Bottom line

Singapore has many great broadband companies with very affordable offers for their services. It is easy for businesses in Singapore to get broadband connections because of this, so all they need to do is call the ISP company directly and have the problem fixed. There are no more worries about getting good quality and fast internet connections, as all broadband providers in Singapore offer this.

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