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How To Keep Your Trading Cards In Mint Condition For A Long Time

Are you a TCG (Trading Card Game) lover? Then it is high time to find ways to take your gaming experience to another level through learning better strategies to protect your cards. In most cases, elements such as moisture and dust will result in a continuous reduction in value. The card’s physical attributes degrade, as evidenced by the fading.

How To Keep Your Trading Cards In Mint Condition For A Long Time - Alvinology

Proper storage of the TCG cards, also known as CCG (Collecting Card Game) cards, is necessary. You can achieve this through investing in the right game-related items. After spending a lot of effort in building your decks, it is prudent to look for these card-protection remedies. How exactly can I keep the trading cards in mint condition for long?

1.   Box Usage

The card boxes need to be on your list if you want a place to keep your cards safe. These items usually are well-designed to keep the space adequately sealed. Depending on the brand you go for, you may notice some differences in the fabrication materials. Some of them are made of cardboard, while others are plastics. Generally, cardboard boxes are relatively affordable.

Additionally, you will not struggle in using them as their designs are simple. Moreover, if you have a large deck of cards, such boxes can accommodate them comfortably. However, this is mostly when the cards are short-sleeved. Transporting the cards to the different tournaments needs much care as well. Nothing can help you here more than the boxes.

There are trading card enthusiasts who prefer the black bin boxes as they find them more comprehensive regarding protection. When it comes to water, cardboard boxes can get wet and, to some extent, allow water in. What black plastic bins do is offer a total seal to space. They also can hinder light into the box, which can cause damage to the cards.

2.   Use Sleeves

The TCG game fans know how these items are pivotal in maintaining the condition of cards. If you have many cards which you want to protect, the sleeves are a good pick. They can allow thousands of cards to be in one long pile. Cards tend to stick to each other when left in contact for long. This will not happen when you have the sleeves. You need to have several TCG card sleeves to allow you to allocate each card on its own. The card sleeve acts as a barrier between the cards, which makes them never touch during storage.

As a result, there is a reduction of tear and wear associated with this. At times, there is a transfer of oil between the cards when left for long. The sleeves will prevent this from taking place. Besides, there may come a time when you want your family and friends to see your cards. At this time, you want to reduce the likelihood of them touching each card. With the sleeves, you can achieve this. Most of the sleeves are transparent, allowing one to get a clear view of each card without taking them out.

3.   Find Magnetic Cases

How To Keep Your Trading Cards In Mint Condition For A Long Time - Alvinology

Technology has something to offer when we talk of the safe storage of TCG cards. This is through the magnetic cases. Such products provide additional protection to the cards as compared to the sleeves and boxes. For instance, they have excellence in preventing the UV light from falling on the cards in any way. UV protection is key in ensuring that the ink on the card never fades away.

If you have autographed cards, this means a lot. The fading of the ink is something you are ready to experience. In addition to this, they come with replaceable screwdowns, thus making them a long-term storage option. What you will realize is that they are relatively more costly than the other options. Even so, they are a worthy investment. Look for the best brands in the market when doing the purchasing.

The good thing about magnetic cases is that they usually come in different sizes and shapes. It is relevant in making every card owner well-taken care of. Not all CCGs are of the same size; hence the diversity in the case designs is appropriate. Some of them even come with recessed corners, which make the cards perfectly fit in them. Also, they tend to be acid-free; thus, the cards will always look as new as you bought them.

Playing TCG is fun. With time, you will grow your deck, and this is an outstanding achievement. With this comes the need to adequately protect the treasures. There are a number of options to follow in achieving this. For instance, you can buy card boxes, sleeves, and magnetic cases.

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