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The Most Beautiful Places You Can Visit Around The World

The world is a beautiful place. Although you may think the statement is reiteration, there is no better way to put it. The world is, in fact, beautifully marked with nature’s magnificence, man-made luxury, and better yet, the convergence of both. If we put it another way, there is something fit for everybody. The ranges of Bhutan for those who like peaceful calmness and glittery lights of Las Vegas for all those who can’t get enough of vibrance. Have you seen some of these beautiful places? If not, no worries, it is never too late to submerge yourself into the prettiness of the earth. It is especially important after a one-year drought of travel and tourism. The wait has been absolutely unbearable, but as they say, there is a ‘ray of hope at the end of every tunnel.’ 

With the introduction of vaccines across the globe and falling rates of infections, the hopes for global traveling are lit up. Therefore, it may be the right time that you begin researching what can potentially be your favorite destination and toss them on your bucket list. To get you started, we are putting down a list of places that have their reputation based on beauty so that you can restart tourism in the best manner possible. Let’s have a look at them:

Machu Picchu Has All To Soothe

The Most Beautiful Places You Can Visit Around The World - Alvinology

One of Peru’s most popular locations, Machu Picchu is a World Heritage site that is known for its exotic structure. The spot is an ancient terraced city that allows visitors to take a glance into the tremendousness of the architecture of ancient times. The cherry on the top, the spot is surrounded by sweeping views of the mountain which makes Machu Picchu a great location for a tour with friends, family, or alone as many travelers prefer.  

Iguazú Falls, Argentina 

Iguazú Falls is located right on the border with Brazil, and they are one of the most spectacular sights in South America. They are actually made up of many other smaller waterfalls, that appear and disappear depending on the season. 

They are very accessible from both Brazil and Argentina as both airports are fairly close. This is a must-see attraction that should be a part of any Argentina tour.

Float With Venice

No other place can set you at ease like Venice. Ideal for a romantic vacation, Venice offers pretty much everything that lovers can ask for. You have great weather, water all around you, an awe-inspiring landscape, and spectacular arched bridges. What is more, you are in Italy which means you have the opportunity to relish the deliciousness of Italian food at its origin which is definitely going to be incredible. Best for the last, the floating gondolas will be enough for you to leave with memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

Hawaii For Most 

The Most Beautiful Places You Can Visit Around The World - Alvinology

Yes, we say, ‘Hawaii for most’ because Hawaii is one place that can truly ensure you that you are going to make most of your time in the exotic state of the United States. Hawaii is a place that can be best defined as the interesting blend of tropical culture with the flare of the large American cities such as Los Angeles. As per the travel guide available on, Hawaii’s long intriguing history and breathtaking landscape are sure to own your heart even after you have left the city. Hawaii is one of the rarest cities in the world where you find the convergence of old culture and contemporary spirits. It is definitely worth a visit. 

Taj Mahal Is A Story

Taj Mahal, located in Agra, India, is a tangible testament of love. The story behind this piece of magnificence is sure to become evident as you spend some time here. The sunsets are unbearably romantic and water in the center stands synonymous with peace, truth, and movement. If you visit the Taj Mahal, you will also have the opportunity to check out more instances of Mughal architecture that is world popular. You spend time here once, and it is set to be a part of your life forever. 

Fiordland National Park Is Like Nothing Else

No matter how much you have traveled, you have not seen anything like Fiordland National Park unless you have seen it. The park takes the definition of nature’s beauty to another level. The Fiordland National Park is at its best during the end of November. Located on New Zealand’s South Island, fields of bright purple Russell Lupins attract a lot of tourists every year solely owing to how incredible these are. However, the entire region is so tremendously refreshing, one of the most beautiful spots that you can pick up around any tree to relax and have an awesome experience that can make your friends back home jealous.

Forbidden City Of Beijing

China is one of the tourist’s hottest favorite places in the world – and Beijing is the soul. If you ask: What is the soul of Beijing? It is Forbidden City that is located in the heart of Beijing. For those who do not know, Forbidden City was the imperial palace of multiple emperors of China for almost five centuries. The city is so well-preserved that you almost feel that you have time-traveled to the days of old Chinese culture and architecture. There are many exotic spots to see and the pictures you get here will add tons of stars to your photo album, no doubt. 

Cape Town South Africa

The Most Beautiful Places You Can Visit Around The World - Alvinology

This is different. The city of Cape Town in South Africa is a great way to have a wonderful experience that will be shaped by sky-kissing buildings and the calmest of water bodies. In Cape Town, you get almost all that you need to turn your stay magnificent – you have miles of beaches to enjoy and mountains to be mesmerized by. Typically, it takes the entire day’s worth of time to visit all the memorable places in the city, but if you are willing to go deeper into the city’s secret for such a formidable beauty, you may need a few days. However, there is one thing that you can be sure of, it is totally worth it. 

There is no dearth of beautiful places on our incredible planet. All you need to know is what you really want from your experience. Another thing that is rather important is to know which weather fits which place. Once you have all planned out, you can put on your tourists’ goggles and a mask, of course. 

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