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[Review] EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

What do you do when your internal or external hard disk drive or other physical data storage device like a SD card gets corrupted and you are unable to access some critical data you had stored inside?

The ideal scenario would be that you would have backed up your critical files either on cloud storage or another physical data storage device. However, more often than not, we get tardy with our data backup and protection and you will be left scrambling to desperately find a way to retrieve it from the corrupted disk.

You can always call up data recovery experts who deal with digital forensic. A quotation from them will not come cheap, likely coming up to over thousands of dollars at a rate of over S$1000 for a physically damaged hard disk or around $200 to $300 up for non-physical damages.

These pricings may make sense for large corporations looking to recover commerical data that may be worth millions or more, but they would be too costly for your daily folks like you and I who may just want to recover some sentimental family photos or school assignments.

A next best alternative is to try out various online data recovery software like EaseUS. They go by a subscription model and are priced reasonably for ordinary home users as well as for advance technical users.

Instead of going to a digital forensic expert straightaway and be slapped with a pricey bill shock, consider trying out a cheaper alternative from EaseUS first using their popular Data Recovery Pro software, priced at $69.95 for Windows OS and $89.95 for Mac OS. A free trial is available before you pay for the full product, and you can use it to run a scan first to see if you are able to recover the files you want before purchasing.

Some time back, I accidentally deleted all the photos in one of my SD card which contain photos from a travel trip which were not downloaded anywhere else for backup storage. I turned to EaseUS Data Recovery Pro for help and after doing a scan with the trial version, I was able to determine that I would be able to recover most of the images. As such, I got the full version and was a satisfied customer.

For more information about EaseUS and the various software options they offer, visit their official website. If you are worried about the safety of their product, EaseUS has been in the online data recovery business for over 17 years, with a stellar track record. Read more reviews about EaseUS here.

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