6 Amazing Desserts That Will Leave You Speechless At First Taste - Alvinology

6 Amazing Desserts That Will Leave You Speechless At First Taste

What’s your favorite ever starter and main course? Doesn’t matter! We’re here to talk about dessert, exclusively. So if you’re not the kind of person who saves a bit of room for dessert at the end of every meal, this is not the place for you. Just kidding, you can stay too. Everyone needs to know about these incredible desserts, puddings, sweets, and treats. Forget counting calories or “being good” for now, as today we are discussing nothing other than those sweets that we love so much. So, for those of you who simply can’t resist, let’s get into it. These are 6 of the most amazing desserts that will leave you completely speechless at first taste.

6 Amazing Desserts That Will Leave You Speechless At First Taste - Alvinology

Chocolate and Matcha Cake

We all love Chocolate, right? But what is matcha? You may well have seen a Starbucks matcha tea or latte but not quite know what it is. Well, let us explain. Matcha is a powder formed of ground green tea leaves that are specifically grown for this powdering purpose. Now, we know green tea can be quite bitter, and matcha does bring a bit of bitterness to the party. But, matcha is noticeably deep and rich in flavor, bringing many elements to this dessert. It has a mild sweetness, a nutty quality, and some of that green vegetal flavor. All together it creates a great base for many foods and drinks, bringing a grassiness and sweetness without tasting too earthy.

So, how on earth does this relate to dessert? Well, consider blending all those flavors we have just discussed with some nice indulgent chocolate? We’re specifically talking about a rich chocolate sponge with layers of cream, all topped with a nice, thick layer of matcha cream frosting. The combination of bitter, sweet, nut, and cream creates the most indulgent cake we can think of. Since being popularized by Japanese fusion cuisine, you can now find cakes like these all over the country. If you spot a matcha and chocolate sponge, give it a go.


We’ve got two questions for you on this one. First question: do you like doughnuts? Second question: do you like croissants? If the answer to either or both of these was a resounding ‘yes,’ then you’re in for a real treat with the Cronut. Originally invented by an American pastry chef working in a French deli called Fauchon, he has since brought them back to the States. Since then, the Cronut has been replicated and popularized all over, though it’s probably worth trying the original version if you’re ever over on the East Coast. A combination dessert made from the dough of a croissant formed into the shape of a doughnut and then fried? Sounds too good to be true! Add to that a layer or filling of rich flavored cream and you have the best handheld dessert we could ever think of!

Boston Cream Pie

Just looking at a Boston cream pie is enough to make most people lost for words. It screams of sheer decadence and joy. First, you create two super-light, super-tasty vanilla sponge cakes. Then, stacking them one upon the other, fill the gap with the most wonderful thick, yet light, vanilla custard. Sounds great already, right? Well hold on just a second because this treat gets even tastier when you add the final layer: a chocolate ganache poured over the top and drizzled down the sides of the pie. Now, you have the legendary and historic Boston cream pie. Once again we have a French connection with this particular dessert. It is claimed that this dessert was first created in Boston’s Parker House Hotel by a French chef named Raelyn in the year 1881. Another classic that has stood the test of time.

6 Amazing Desserts That Will Leave You Speechless At First Taste - Alvinology

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

We all love the traditional post-thanksgiving dinner pumpkin pie. It doesn’t get much more traditional and mouth-watering than this. Did you know that the pumpkin is actually native to North America? It was, in fact, one of the American’s first exports to France and England. And it was in England where the pumpkin was quickly accepted as a filling for the pie. It was a couple of hundred years later that we started to use it in custard and pastry pies and then it quickly became a thanksgiving favorite. Pumpkin pie is made by heating, softening, and then pulping a small pumpkin. Then, the pulp is mixed with eggs, sugar, spices, and condensed milk. This creates that warm, spicy autumnal yet sweet taste. We’re speechless just thinking about it!

Tiramisu Cheesecake

Now, the most popular cheesecake ever is the New York cheesecake. We all know it, we all love it. But we’ve discovered something new, something jaw-dropping, a magic blend. Imagine, if you will, combining vanilla, NY-style cheesecake, with the coffee liqueur flavors of tiramisu, an Italian classic. Vanilla mascarpone cream cheese filling, vanilla, and coffee-flavored biscuit base, and a whipped coffee cocoa tiramisu cream topping? Oh my! Give us a full-sized cake each, please! An Italian twist on a New York classic.

Baked Alaska

Another recipe with a French-New Yorkian connection is Baked Alaska. This time, it was a French chef working in Delmonico’s, New York City who created the dish. Believe it or not, it was created to celebrate the purchase of Alaska from the Russian Empire in 1867. The fact that the dessert still survives today tells you everything you need to know about how good it is! A Baked Alaska consists of a sponge cake center, which is completely covered in meringue and then briefly baked to brown the meringue tips. After this, it is topped with iced cream to create the cool Alaskan glacier look and feel. Legend has it that President Jefferson used to serve a very similar dessert in the White House!

These 6 desserts are definitely the big hitters when it comes to that first-taste, speechless “hmm” moment. You can find most of these all across the country nowadays, and we recommend you try each and every one of them. Maybe not all at once, but you should give them all a go. Enjoy your sugar rush!

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