During the 20 years McDonald’s has been in business at the Science Centre Singapore, it has grown to become one of the most well-loved, iconic fast-food outlets in the Lion City.

The 140-seater was a source of fuel to innumerable students post-excursion, and a place of solace to many parents seeking escape from the high-pitched chatter of children.

This joy-giving McDonald’s outlet etched itself into the hearts and minds of most Singaporeans.

As this outlet ceases its operations on 22 March, Science Centre Singapore offers its sincerest thanks to the passionate people of the golden arches. Their service and dedication have gone a long way in sweetening the Science Centre Singapore experience, from satisfying many a belly to becoming a part of the centre’s mission to be more than just a place for guests.

Amid the impending departure of its friendly neighbour, Science Centre Singapore will continue to supersize visits by serving up endless nuggets of wisdom and knowledge through various exhibitions and educational programmes.

Thank you, McDonald’s, it’s been an awesome 20 years.

Image credit to Flickr